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You’re a Pesca-WHAT? Why?!

So, I’m pescatarian. I don’t eat land animals and no, I do NOT do the whole eggs-are-chickens-but-you-eat-that, what-about-insert random pond creature or but-chance critter-is-blah-blah-blah. I realize my limitations regarding starting anything new. In order for me to start anything, it MUST be simple. Notice I said simple, not easy. Easy is easy. I know, I know, people hate that. Tough luck, easy is easy. Simple is easy to add or mix. I’ll give an example. Pescatarian is easy, ” Just plan what you’re eating or follow a meal plan”. My issue with that is the step, plan. MY pescatarian is simple, I don’t eat land animals. See the difference? Yes, Marcherie does the lion’s share of meal prep and cooking for us, the kids and get-togethers but I’m destroying chips, cookies, fruit after 6pm and everything else. Heck yea I’ll smash on Mickey D’s for a fish sammich and extra large fries. What is the benefit of this pescatarian lifestyle shift? Multiple Sclerosis, MS to most folks, and Spondylosis. I was diagnosed in October 2016 at the ripe ol age of 38. What is MS? SpondyWhat? MS, in simple terms, is when the immune system attacks the central nervous system. Everyday activities, like walking, standing and vision, are painful or non-functioning for hours, years and anything in-between. When simple functions require focus, waking up every morning is a check list of pain and body functions. How many fingers can I feel? Which leg is dragging? Can I move my neck? Dang, I can’t see shit today. Spondylosis is a degenerative spinal condition; basically, arthritis of the spine. I have pain killers for Spondylosis but my UC, Ulcerative Colitis, will kick in 3rd gear if I pop them. DONE! Well, done with explaining the big stuff. I have allergies and an immune system weaker than cheap school toilet paper. Ok, I think THAT about sums up my medical history. Obviously, changes are necessary.

Marcheie, my wife, has alwags been an undercover health nut. She meal preps, takes notes on cooking shows and replicates foreign dishes when passion tickles her hunger. Pescatarian was her idea. I signed off on fusions to treat MS. For months of fusions, I felt yucky. I’m a grown man using the term, yucky; it was bad. My mom and Marcherie did their own research while I focused on coping with the diagnosis of MS. I’ll be eternally grateful for that coping time because… Nevermind, that is for another day. My Queens discovered that a pescatarian lifestyle resulted in better digestion (UC,  need it), weight loss/management (Spondylosis, less pounds, less stress on spine) and improves overall health and stamina (MS affects EVERYTHING so I need this too). I tried the Pescatarian lifestyle before my my initial diagnosis. I felt so good that I maintained throughout our Costa Rican vacation, not as difficult as you may think. When I was diagnosed, first thought I acted upon was eating whatever, drinking whenever and managing however. It reads worse than it was because I’ve been self-medicating since 17; I didn’t suddenly go wild. I just rolled with the incurable disease news, decided my vices had gotten me this far and vices was the way to go. I followed medical instructions and prepared my Ritual of Acceptance. Everyone has a Ritual of Acceptance. Whatever you do to deal with news, issues, drama, hate, etc is your Ritual of Acceptance. Mine is ice cream, alcohol and cigars. Six months later and I was absolutely worse than before the diagnosis. I was tired, every-day-all-day-1st-hangover  tired. The various medicines had multiple side affects, mood swings, weight gain, suicidal thoughts; yup, just like those late night commercials. I’m building a brand and business, #oneloverealestate, that puts people in homes and protect families. We educate families on credit repair, insurance, mentor young people and this year, will offer our first book scholarship! Back to the regularly scheduled blogging, I’m working on rambling. I didn’t have time or energy for  these diseases, their afflictions and the medical side effects. Six months after following medical instructions and my Ritual of Acceptance, it was time for changes. The medical professionals advised chemotherapy. My MS was extremely aggressive, lesions were developing at a ridiculous rate, spine had new disc issues and well, you get it. It was time for changes. I’ve never been a big medicine guy. Sure, I have issues, AM an issue, but my Ritual of Acceptance always worked better than medicines. I went back to the pescatarian lifestyle and felt better within 6 weeks. Pescatarian kept the eating habits simple, no land animals. That simple singular change slowly infiltrated and affected all my decisions. I ate a little less but a little more consistently. I don’t meal prep but I’m cognizant of my options when I leave the house. I eat more fruit, vegetables and actively search for alternatives. By rejecting land animals, I began to choose other alternatives SUBCONSCIOUSLY. I don’t catch myself until others mention what I’ve selected but I do it. That, folks, is simple. I’m not calorie counting, hitting the gym or excercising regularly, all which are easy. I’ve lost 15lbs since April 5th, 2017. I sleep better. In the 3 months of the pescatarian lifestyle, I’ve had no hospital visits, less allergies, less processed food, less checkups and appointments. This pescatarian lifestyle is legitimately benefiting my health and extending my life. I mentioned lesions earlier. Lesions are batches of the body affected by disease or trauma; for cancer, think tumor (seriously scary stuff). The foods to avoid/increase are the natural foundation of the pescatarian lifestyle. I reiterate, this pescatarian lifestyle works. It is simple AND it works. To help, motivate, inspire, teach, anything that exemplifies a successful philosophy of life with MS or any other incurable disease, I offer my rationale and testimony of the pescatarian lifestyle through blogging and pictures!

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