We Have Multiple Sclerosis So Start Your Own Business

Wait, this is NOT your first time thinking of starting a business and joining the list of entrepreneurs. I do NOT believe it. What is stopping you? Stopping us? Fear will motivate you to do just enough and we don’t succumb to fear. No, not you, not I, not us. We are MSWarriors. The routine of our daily lives is a personal testimony to the strength we use to dominate fear. MSWarriors are all different. Our medications, if we take them, are a hodgepodge of side effects and varying degrees of effectiveness. Each day, WE wake, run our checklist of symptoms and develop a plan to get shit done Kids, spouses, bills, jobs, driving, walking, even talking and simple thinking all make the checklist. With so much of our activity grounded in the randomness that is MS; WE, you deserve more control. Let’s not kid ourselves. Entrepreneurship is tough, scary, random and new, kinda like MS, but the rewards are incredible. The risks and rewards of starting a business are well known and documented throughout websites, classes, blogs, family advise and pure common sense. Honestly, what stronger individual than an MSWarrior is built to handle such a monumental task? The negotiations and focus required to run a business are exemplified through the focus and negotiations required to navigate MS! Look; life, OUR life, is predicated on balancing how we feel and what we show. It is a dangerous game of pushing OUR physical and mental limitations, knowing when or if WE need help and how to assess, adapt and overcome obstacles. This is why you, I, WE are built to be entrepreneurs. OUR regularly scheduled programming is assessing, adapting and overcoming obstacles. It’s been 7months since my diagnosis. I’ve been chasing the entrepreneurial dream for one year. You want to know how is the money. I am on pace to exceed my teacher salary but the pay is so scattershot that I must learn new financial habits. Of course, there have been changes in my family’s lifestyle with one parent investing so heavily in a business with scattershot pay; hell, MS brought the changes first! Regardless, I rise and shine with more energy than my 4-year old. Building a business, your business, is a project that requires the composite skills of an #MSWarrior, those abilities to assess, adapt and overcome obstacles. OUR natural skillset plus a genuine passion makes US the gold standard for entrepreneurs. Its not fear that keeps you, I, US from starting a business. WE face fear every day through the lens of an incurable disease and get shit done. Is that you don’t know where to start? Problem solved by researching. Is it that you haven’t found your passion? You’ll find that, helping others, sharing experiences, etc. Take it from a fellow MSWarrior, juggling life, family and meds like you, entrepreneurship is for US. We are built to assess, adapt and overcome.

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