Day 3 of 7 WITHOUT alcohol 

Can’t lie folks. I was going to break today. I had ice in cup and debating quitting this ‘research’ altogether when a FB message checking on me turned into full blown convo on how the person was proud of me. Damn.

I MS’d up and held my position. No true pain or symptom that I blamed on lack of drinking. I’m taking that as both reason to drink again in 4 days and reason to finish. The business of real estate kept me busy from 6am to 1pm. My appetite hit hard at 2pm so I grubbed and got back to work. At this point, confidence is high that I’m cool beans on self control. 

All that being blogged, I am aware that today may be just a really good day that I’ve missed due to heavy pouring on early mornings. Naw, that can’t be it! Could it?

Link to Day 6 :

Link to Day 2

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