How To Be A Friend For People Who Bought The Book

Aww yeeaaa. I’m talking about THE book. Yup, you already know what book because you’re suspicious. That ugly, half charred, pages difficult to read, stuff missing but somehow its accessible Suicide Book. Let’s NOT delve into why your friend bought The Book, where your friend bought The Book or when your friend bought The Book. All these are questions best answered by talking with your friend. I’m simply offering advice from the perspective of said friend because I bought The Book.

Numero Uno. Number one. The starter kit. Everything, I mean EVERYTHING, will open and close with your abiliy to make your friend a priority. Calm down. Priority is stopping and making time to listen to your friend. Set your cellphone aside and check it when you’ve completed the visit or phone conversation. Honestly, do you really expect to make someone else feel better by speaking in-between FB posts, IG videos and commercials? Your job, serious applicants only, is to listen. Gotta be real too; there is NOT much for you to say. If you’re being a friend to someone who has bought The Book, be a friend that listens. It may be the same old complaint. Your friend does need to move on. Some shit just needs to be said but don’t. The Book is a powerful collection of manipulations. I guarantee whatever you say can be found in its pages and twisted towards a darker interpretation. If you are the type that must say something, keep it positive and back to listening. That is why listening is vital. You must focus on catching the worst concepts and spinning them into something positive. Sounds like work? So what. That’s your friend and you’re accepting the challenge of being a friend. Right? Well, spin like Rumpelstiltskin has been promised your firstborn. Spin their nappy, brittle, ugly self talk into golden positives. Overstand this, people that bought The Book know what they have purchased. We know it. We absolutely know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, we charged it to our self confidence and fear of the future. When no one hears people that bought The Book talk; the worst concepts are engraved into its pages for later consumption. Thats the beautiful danger of The Book. Everyone has issues or gets down. Everyone has spells of doubts and bouts of negative self-talk. People that bought The Book journal their issues, chronicle their moments of negative self-talk and repeat until the memories trigger action … Remember, everyone has issues, spells, bouts, yada yada yada? Exactly. Who has time to hear people that bought The Book? I’ll tell you. People that bought The Book have taken time to hear and spin for you. They listen because it distracts them from their own thoughts. They listen because they know you need it. They listen with hope that you will never purchase The Book. Key word here, listen.

“But you don’t know my friend. They don’t talk anyway. It’s not that easy when folks don’t talk”.

Or… maybe… have ya… *sigh* Permission to keep it real? If the above describes your friend, you’re probably someone that hasn’t listened in awhile. No, it’s NOT cool beans or ok because you’re not a good listener. LOL! Listening is a skill, not a damn genetic trait passed through one parent. If you’re interested in being a friend to people that bought The Book, you must listen. It’s NOT about your ability to listen, it’s your desire to listen. They may not wish to watch a scary movie and talk. That’s what your need, not your friend’s. They do that with you to listen to you. Discussions with groups of others is what your friend does for you but not what they need. Oooooo! How about…? Just stop playing. Its very simple, listen.

“Well, closed mouths don’t get fed. How am I supposed to know what somebody need?”

Boom! Winner! Closed mouths don’t get fed and slowly starve to death watching others grub. Wow, why are you even reading this because obviously you don’t have friends, you enjoy associates.

It. Is. Simple. Just, listen.

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