Things You Should Know Before Renting a House for Family Vacations

So; picture this, you and friends have decided to rent a house for a family vacay. Regardless of the city, number of families or people or cause for vacation, there are some things you should consider:

1.) WIFI! Sure, everyone says their WIFI is fast and ready to accept devices, blah, blah, blah. As a consumer, we know it’s marketing and well, false advertising BUT if you have kids accostumed to electronics and WIFI… Please, PLEASE, don’t use your vacation to teach them how we grew up and all that jazz. It is vacation. Believe me, nothing cramps a vacay day hearing/fussing/dealing/etc with a kid over WIFI. “Moooooom, ugh. MOOOOOOMMMMAAAAA! Can I use your WIFI again?”

2.) EVERYONE Should Be On Same Page. This is hard because you’re all family and what not but you must. Vacations suffer when some folks don’t clean but there is no housekeeping. Vacations suffer when some folks don’t help cook but refuse to clean up. Hell, vacations suffer when some kids go buck wild and others don’t. Shoot, vacations suffer when people aren’t on same page. You gotta have discussions, everybody cleans, buys food, kids have similar behavior expectations, smoking areas, etc. If plans change, everyone should know.

3.) Bring Your Own Bedding. You would be shocked at the discomfort of other folks’ “cleaned bedding”. Remember; it’s not JUST a question of visible dirt, you gotta deal with smells and material. Me? Nothing is worse than realizing AT bedtime, you have two shriveled potato sacks as pillows or your sheet is heavier than the blanket.

4.) Give Yourselves a Chill Day. Yup. At some point, kids are going to kill the whole vacay vibe. Somebody kid will clown because they’re sleepy and THAT crap spreads like cold bacteria. Your group will need a Chill Day to sleep in, hide from each other, duck responsibility and generally change plans.

5.) Be Honest about Vices. Awww yeeaaa. What do I mean? You and your team better plan around and include beer money, liquor store availability, marijuana accessibility, wine selections, cigarettes, cigars, mixers AND who drinking (same page issue again). Look, everybody has friends who swear how little they drink until…. Be honest and plan accordingly.

The debate over renting a house vs resort life is maddeningly interesting. One day, I’ll blog to settle or further muddle that debate. For now; if you and family members choose to AirBnB it, there are things you all must consider.

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2 thoughts on “Things You Should Know Before Renting a House for Family Vacations”

  1. I LOVE this!!!! Awesome Sauce!!!! Now I Know and I promise to act accordingly. When you know better , you do better.

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