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What I’ve Learned about MS and Marijuana After 10 Days in Colorado.

Yes, yes and yes. Yes, marijuana is the ONLY reason I wanted to visit Colorado. Yes, I really have Multiple Sclerosis. YES, marijuana definitely and definitively helped.

#ChristmasInColorado is the hashtag for our research trip to Colorado. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in October 2016 and Spondylosis in November 2016. Since the medical revelations, I’ve tried treatments, dietary changes, heavy vitamin doses, cannabis and begun saturating my life with positivity. Everything has had a worthwhile positive effect except treatments. I’ve discussed each of these in previous blogs so quickly, treatments doubled my lesians, diet offers tremendous preventative benefits, vitamins did little and the positive outlook is impressive when rocking. Colorado was the backdrop for my open adventures with mary jane.

First, I learned there are basically TWO types of cannabis. Doesn’t matter if you’re smoking marijuana, using medical vs regular, color, flavor, cookie, tablet, oil, everything comes down to TWO types. What are the TWO types? Sativa and indica. Generally speaking, sativa is the upper and indica is the downer. Think of it like this, indica is your pain reliever, sleep aid or relaxer. Sativa is your energy and anti-inflammatory. TWO types but everything you’ll buy is a mix or hybrid of those TWO types. On your pain days, you will need an indica based strain. On your depressed or fatigue days, you’ll need a sativa based strain.

Second, you know there are TWO types or strains. You know what the types do. Now, this is why legalization beats buying from your local neighborhood entrepreneur of the green thumb. When you buy from Dude-You-Know, he doesn’t know what he is selling. So; buying from a non-dispensary strips you of the advantage to purchase EXACTLY what you need. Sure, you’ll save money. Absolutely, you’ll be high but if you’re using for medical purposes; you should get what you need.

Third; oh yes, get your medical marijuana card. Yup, you can buy without it but the advantages are with a card, waaaaaaay more variety, many more stores, cheaper prices and stronger products.

Fourth, I figured out pretty quickly that INDICA is not for me. I mean; yes, it got a me higher than the cost of living but that isn’t my goal. The indica high was good but it made me lazy, sleepy, hungry, robbed me of any motivation BUT noticeably addressed my back pain. The nerve pain of MS? Not so much. What I did come to realize was this. On days of nerve pain, by using indica, I could sleep between the intense moments. I’ve developed a tendency to lose my appetite or forget to eat, solution is indica. Problem is I’m NOT working efficiently at all.

Fifth, SATIVA is my saving grace. Sativa gives me high energy and increases my production. It does nothing for the nerve pain but with all the energy, my production jumps and the anti-inflammatory did alleviate the back pain of Spondylosis. Sativa worked so well that during our #ChristmasInColorado vacay, I was up and working my real estate and insurance businesses before 7am. Sativa worked so well, I stayed up 2-3:30am by MY DAMN SELF cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms of the house rental.

Sixth, CBS oil requires more work. I’ve tried a CBD vape, it didn’t worked for anything, pain, sleep, nothing. Now, I readily admit that CBD oil wasn’t a priority. As I write this blog, I’ve applied a CBD patch and the effects weren’t expected. Forgive me, CBD is extracted from hemp, a cabbanis plant like marijuana. The advantage of CBD is that it mimics marijuana without the “high feeling”. I suffer from random nerve pain from my feet through the legs. The pain is severe enough to cause jerky motions that trigger back pain of Spondylosis, degeneration of the spine. Weeeeeell; after an hour wearing the CBD patch, my body is tense in preparation of nerve pain that isn’t happening. It’s weird. I have echoes of the same nerve pain but they aren’t as intense.

Was taking a family trip to Colorado for my own selfish research worth it? Abso-FRIGGING-lutely. I am saying, from personal experience, marijuana is the best treatment for my Multiple Sclerosis and Spondylosis.

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  1. I went to a conference in Colorado Springs in May that was geared toward cannabis use for Autism Spectrum Disorders. I have seen THC make a profound difference in some of our children. I am excited about the possibilities for many people who suffer with chronic neurological illnesses. Now, if the government and big pharmaceutical would just get out of the way…

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