How I Lost 35lbs in 10 Months WITH Multiple Sclerosis by changing my diet! 

DISCLAIMER: I tend to get off track and ramble into side stories!

THAT, ladies and gentlemen, takes a great weight off my shoulders (really thumbs). I have a collection of drafts, each passionately rambled into oblivion. With this disclaimer, I feel I’ve prepared readers for random shenanigans and  soliloquies. 

Once upon a time, March 1st, 2017, I weighed in for my fight vs. Multiple Sclerosis at 236lbs. I didn’t think that was too crazy but my doctors, the family physician, gastroenterologist, neurologist, podiatrist, infectious disease physician, pain management specialist and physiatrist all agreed 236 was too high. If you’re wondering, I’m 6 feet even in height. True story, the family physician poked in the stomach and mimicked jello for my walk! Like I said, I didn’t it was too crazy. March 1st, 2017 is the day that I presented my medical bills with a cease and desist order. For four months, I followed medical advice and took various drugs for Incurable Trinity, nickname for Multiple Sclerosis, Spondylosis and Ulcerative Colitis. UC was actually an early 2000s diagnosis. For four months, it felt like every drug triggered the worst side effects, headaches, insomnia, stomach bleeding, lung infections, depression, stereopychosis, you name it. My wife is an RN and believed allergens, drugs, etc were making me sicker. Things had to change:

1.) Jeunesse Lifestyle – I knew I needed more information than just being sick and tired of prescription drugs making me too sick and tired to fight a tiring sickness. I spoke with a Nutrition Coach, Cathleen Paredes. Why? I wanted to make sure jumping to a drastically different diet, Pescatarian, wouldn’t throw my body into shock. Folks, this is no understatement. The thought of never again eating a 22oz steak, kissed with pineapple and peach juices yet left rare, bare even…sigh. My team and I were connoisseurs of the chicken wing. From home cooking to chain restaurants to the Mom-N-Pop joints, we were passionate about chicken wings of all flavors, spices and cultures. I no longer participate in such affairs. Basically, I’m saying I feared my body would erupt in convulsions, internal fire and other ungodly withdrawal symptoms I’ve witnessed firsthand via First 48 and ID channel if I dropped meat cold turkey. Cathleen assured me I wouldn’t but her intense belief in educating me on using nutrition to combat my weight issue AND Incurable Trinity left me curious. She explained the Jeunesse Lifestyle and its benefits. I would eat 3x/day and each meal had PCF, protein, carbohydrate and fat. I snacked throughout the day as well, nuts and stuff. She was soooo passionate about helping me improve that I felt a personal connection and bought in. My adoption of the Jeunesse Lifestyle was integral to those first two months without meat. With UC, bowel movements have been an adventure most of my life. Jeunesse taught me about clean foods and how to naturally detox my body. Which brings me back to the UC thing, I am regular! Oh the joy knowing when and how those dirty packages must be delivered! Seriously, I lost 15lbs the first 8 weeks with Jeunesse and I would be in better shape if I hadn’t slowly, regrettably and inevitably fell off the wagon. My PFC’s aren’t so nutritiously balanced BUT I’ve retained that regularity and weight continued to drop.

2.) Pescatarian Diet – I’ve made no secret of my love for this diet. Of course, being the #MSWarrior that I am, I modified it. The ONLY meat I eat is seafood and animals of the water. Yes, I eat eggs. Quite often actually. Don’t get this confused as me eating healthy! I wreck on cookies, chips, Red Bull, beer and alcohol. Hell, I probably eat more Ramen Noodles and sriracha than any college student. Hey, I warned you this isn’t healthy. I’m being honest, that is it. Yes, I eat a lot of salads. I’m quick to make a tomato sandwich too, cheese, lettuce, spicy mayo, onions, I do it BIG. Over the 10 months, I’ve gradually stopped grubbing to get full and eat for quality or pure hunger. What I mean is, when I eat, I end up “snacking” a lot. Three or four times a day, I’m eating but without meat, grubbing isn’t the same.  Breakfast – noodles and boiled egg                        Lunch – tuna fish sandwich and chips                        Dinner – repeat of breakfast/lunch or salad (heavy with croutons, shredded cheese, imitation bacon bits, jalapeno peppers)                                                 That is my diet. Simple and brutally effective. There’s only so much pigging out you can do with that lineup. Sure, fish is a delicacy and well appreciated. I eat it at every opportunity but it’s pricey and I usually roll without it.

3.) Exercise – LOL! OK, I shouldn’t do that but come on, LOL. There is very little exercising here folks. One time, in late October, I rode my bike 2.5 miles. Now, I’ll do some Yoga two or three times over a month but that leaves me unsteady and conjures the Spondylosis pain. What about pushing myself? What about looking fit and seXXXy? Nope. Sorry. Never in the plans. I needed to lose some weight to help with the fight vs. the Incurable Trinity.

4.) Beer and Alcohol – I’ll be damned if I left all that meat, added that little bit of yoga and eliminated beer and alcohol. Absolutely not. Not even gonna try it. I’m an advocate of doing whatever it takes to maintain control of your imagination and mind. In other words; life is already exciting as is, who am I to go “balls to the wall” and try it sober? Please, not I said the Kendrick.

That’s it, I’m done. 10 months and 35lbs later, the weight loss and diet has had tremendous advantages. Regular bowel movements. Less spinal pain from the Spondylosis. Less fatigue. I’ve gone from 4 pills/day to zero, all 4 JUST for reflux and heartburn. My chronic stomach convulsions are afterthoughts. The list goes on and on. I have Multiple Sclerosis, don’t work out and lost 35lbs. 

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  1. Dude…you are my hero. I knew you were smart from our many amazing talks on the yard, hill; just in front of Belvin…lol. This blog is everything! Guess I know who’s writing a for word in my book! My dude, the Strange…lol.

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