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How Pescatarian diet improved my Multiple Sclerosis

Catchy title huh? It’s absolute truth too; well… Don’t forget I keep the Incurable Trinity hot on my heels, Ulcerative Colitis, Multiple Sclerosis and Spondylosis. Are you acquainted with all three diseases? Ulcerative Colitis is just that, ulcers on the colon. I have terrible stomach aches and the most trifling of bowel movements. Multiple Sclerosis is where the brain doesn’t play well with the body so I win: random nerve pain for a few minutes, can’t feel my legs for few hours, lose sense of balance for a lifetime, etc. Spondylosis is arthritis of the spine. Caught up? Great!

It all started with What The Health, Netflix documentary on the evils of the food industry and insinuates humans ain’t supposed to be eating meat anyway. Well, The Squad watched in horror as we ate chicken wings and drank into the wee hours of the night. But I knew. I knew it made sense and hell; to be honest, (don’t you loathe that phrase? Like when was I lying?). Forget it; I have enough health issues that I’ll try anything. 10-months of no land animals later, Pescatarian Diet for short, I will share what I’ve found:

No Heartburn or Acid Reflux – Before I changed to the Pescatarian Diet, I had serious heartburn and acid reflux. Ever been sleeping sound and shot up with your throat melting in gurgles of foul fire? That was a regular Tuesday night for me. As a teacher, in front of classes, during lessons, I would suffer that. YUCK! I ran through multiple gastroenterologists seeking help and was told my throat was damaged so badly it required surgery. My heartburn would last days. Enter the Pescatarian Diet, I began to notice improvement by the 3rd month. It’s been five months straight and I haven’t had heartburn or reflux at all. I wreck on sriracha and hot sauce, add fresh jalapeno peppers to everything and generally throw caution to the wind with spices; YET, no more heartburn and acid reflux after changing to a Pescatarian Diet!

No More Allergy Medications – Really! Folks, as a young lad, my Pop gave me allergy shots, himself, every week for years. What am I allergic too? Grass, trees, pollen, dust, shall I go on? How about this, a bee/wasp sting sent me into anaphylactic shock at 20 years old. Look, I’m not bragging, but let’s just the homie is the Kobe Bryant of allergies. I may not be the best, but I’m in the discussion. I do allergies. My ENT Dr swears I require weekly shots again and I refused because nowadays, you gotta go into the office for those. Instead, I’ve self medicated on Clariton, Allegra, Flonase, you name it, it’s in my medicine cabinet. Three times every year, clockwork, I would get sinus infections with fevers and need antibiotics. Over the last 10-months, I’ve dropped all allergy medications and not a single sinus infection. Why yes, yes I DO have the allergies but they are manageable without any medications. What I mean is this. To feel this good on a daily basis, once involved pills and nasal sprays on a daily basis. Now, I wake up, steamroll my day and never think about a pill or spray. No more allergy medicines after changing to a Pescatarian Diet!

Lost 35lbs In 10-months – I addressed this in a previous blog but yup, I have. I rode my bike once in 10-months, drink too much alcohol and eat waaaaaaaay too many ramen noodles but lost 35lbs. Crazy thing, the weight is still dropping slowly. I lost weight after Christmas Holidays and on vacation. I rarely pig out anymore because fish is kinda expensive and face it, super grubbing on vegetables is not the same. I’ve lost 35lbs in 10-months by changing to a Pescatarian Diet.

I’m Regular! – Ewwww… whatever y’all. I mentioned UC earlier, the whole Incurable Trinity thing. Going to the RR has been adventuresome for me since high school. UC is the heavy hitter but lots of us have IBS and other stuff too. I didn’t even notice how regular I had become until month 5 or 6. I must say, you regular folks have a gooooood life. I no longer alternate between bouts of diarrhea and constipation. I no longer keep a half jar of something nasty in the corner of the fridge for a little extra humph when I poop. I don’t need pills to go #1 either. I’m not cured, but whatever help those products and medicines gave, I have without using them. I am regular after changing to a Pescatarian Diet!

Fatigue – I’ve been scraping by with fatigue for a long time. I’ve never slept well; my Pops swears I started with colic and my Mom knows because she’s my Mom. My wife is suspicious of my sleep pattern because I toss, turn, get up early, talk in my sleep, the whole nine. Multiple Sclerosis explains a lot but still, I fight fatigue. 10-months of no farm animals, guess what? It has improved considerably. In my opinion, when you have less weight, less stomach pains, less allergies, no heartburn or acid reflux, you’re going to sleep better and have more energy. #MSWarriors, I am NOT cured of fatigue. Our days of soul tiring stillness are still here but in-between, I definitely feel better. Guess you could say, I know when my fatigue is MS related because I feel so much better overall. Less fatigue is an INDIRECT effect of changing to a Pescatarian Diet.

Back and Feet Pain 35lbs folks. I will always have some degree of leg, spine and feet pain due to Spondylosis, spine is deteriorating, BUT 35lbs people. I would be ungrateful and disrespectful to disregard I have less pain. My bad days and MS episodes are isolated so it’s difficult to apply diet there but still, 35lbs. There is less body pain because I’m carrying less body weight. Ah! Here is the best example. Past two years, I couldn’t wear Jordans, too heavy, and rarely wore dress shoes, fired up my flat arches. Everywhere my family or squad went, I took a 2nd set of shoes and Icy Hot. Now? I’ll rock either based exclusively on how fly I think I look. I admit, I’m a pretty boy, fly guy and quite the gentleman so the past few years have been tough. I’d wear big, bulky, orthopedic looking shoes that had a brother self conscious; them mugs didn’t match NAN color nor flair of any outfit. *shudders* Less back and feet pain is an INDIRECT effect of changing to a Pescatarian Diet.

That about sums up what I can share publicly. The Pescatarian Diet has completely revamped my fight vs the Incurable Trinity and boosted my overall health tremendously. I thought to myself last night; a regular person would fly if they felt this good.


I’m almost 3 years into the Pescatarian Diet and the benefits remain! I lost 80lbs total, added daily yoga/meditation and THIS year, I plan on quitting cheese. I seriously chopped my cheese intake but I still go too hard. A little is no problem but my problem is excessive amount (Grilled Cheese?!) πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ All it takes is a solid day of BS eating and I’m crashing with exhaustion, awful cramping and headaches WITH a side of shitty sleep. In MS language, throw in brain fog, spotty vision and muscle spasms. True, I battle these symptoms regularly but too much dairy wrecks my flow. Look, before I get sidetracked, this lifestyle absolutely works for my Multiple Sclerosis. Not only works but I can definitely improve the process and routine. Changing my diet was a decision based on my physical health and physical benefits. I never saw the outrageously benefits to my mind, heart and soul. I give Gratitudes several times every day. I’ve become an avid supporter of yoga, meditation and tea. I’m able to recognize and differentiate the effects of ALL these changes. Matter fact, I’m hoping readers can feel it in my writings and blogs.

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  3. I’m doing the green smoothies for 2 meals and salads for 1 w/o meat. I’ll keep you posted. Keep the blogs coming

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