I am NOT a Househusband(housewife)!

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan; if you came for the bashing of professional househusbands/housewives, #GotCha. I’m ONLY giving respect. Note that as my diseases progress, my outlook is directly affected.

I am NOT a househusband. I can’t be. Yes, I work from home. Why yes, yes I do keep my youngest daughter to save money too. Absolutely. I have remixed household chores to include I do more bedmaking, dish washing, clothes gathering, rearranging random stuff, vacuuming, all natural-insect killing, dinner warming, outfit ironing, trash outing, neighbor nodding and all kinds of activities that come with being at home more. Hell MAN, I call one of my 3 homeboys damn near everyday, at damn near the same time BUT I am NOT a househusband/housewife. I am a Daddypreneur. (You know Daddy that works multiple independent commission paying contracts.) Once upon a time, I thought I’d make a GREAT househusband/housewife but I am not. I don’t have what it takes. Running a house is an insane amount of physical, mental and spiritual energy. I don’t have that and NEVER did.

Physically, I struggle with the ability to perform, on MULTIPLE high levels, with a family of 6 depending on me. No way homie. “Not I” said the Kendrick. The clothes are tough. Dishes are worse. The daily grind is torture. Does the Multiple Sclerosis affect my performance as a househusband/housewife? Yup BUT the Spondylosis is GAME CHANGING! I have a schedule, 5yr old and rocking hard trying to build clientele for my own real estate brokerage, Tutoring/Mentoring agency, online T-shirt store and non-profit organization aimed at teaching minority kids to pursue entrepreneurial ambitions. I am NOT a househusband/housewife. Those blessed angels of amazingly patient commitment are putting in WORK. I admit to believing it would be easy to be a househusband/housewife. I actually thought, “All ya gotta do is keep a schedule or routine. It ain’t getting that dirty everyday.” PUH-LEASE DAWG ! IT DOES GET THAT DIRTY EVERY DAY! Folks, like the old me, sleeping and need to stay woke.

Let’s KISS, keep it super simple. My goal is that when my wife (aka breadwinner cuz why lie) is home, she can sleep as long as she wants and cook when she wants. THAT is IT. Period. Finito. Signed, delivered and closed. To THAT end, I push these four kids on chores, respect and grades. My wife ain’t doing NAN dish. We gotta high schooler for that. Clothes? Maaaaaan, kids can operate computers soooooo yeah. Trash? Son finna turn 13 this year. Bathroos? We don’t use their bathrooms so gon handle that. Now cooking is HER thing. Thank you UNIVERSE. I could write blogs on all the different meals she treats us to. My wife can go and goes the extra mile. I’m off topic but *looks over shoulder* Babe will cook TWO meals regularly, one for the kids and one for me! Remember, ya blogger is a pescatarian due to MS, UC and Spondylosis. Back to the subject, you get the point right? I am NOT a househusband/housewife because I can testify to the dedication and energy it takes to be a househusband/housewife. Nope, I wouldn’t do it even if I could now. You think cuz the tv or radio on that folks just chillaxing all day? Bruh, throw in some kids and you’re going overtime easy with homework, communication with teachers, transportation to school and after-school events, entertaining/teaching the kid at home, refereeing the kids’ arguments, making/coaching/parenting/begging/tricking them into daily chores….. DAMN THAT. I am NOT a househusband/housewife! What I can do and will do is simplify things for all parties involved, six if you’re counting at home but don’t follow the blog. It’s not perfect but it’ll only get better especially when the Kendrick Avant, Inc takes off. I know you didn’t forget the whole Daddypreneur thing earlier!

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