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I needed something to talk about and I didn’t know what. I knew the focus had to be a subject close to heart for me to find any real PASSION in the process. Sports? Naaa, everybody on their momma jumped on that idea. Real Estate? Yes but I need more knowledge first. Insurance? Man, please don’t do me like that. I settled on me. Me? Yup, me. The All Things One Love Podcast would cover whatever topics interest me. Now, what topics are those? Love, improvement, family and energy with Multiple Sclerosis aka L.I.F.E. with MS or #LIFEwithMS. Get it? That means I can chop(talk) on a wide arrange of interests and since I have MS; well, you said you get it.

This whole idea sprung from accidentally breaking my Positivity Challenge bracelet. The bracelet was homemade with beads and string bought from Michael’s. My family and friends made these March 2017. We kicked it tough and promised we’d push each other to say, post, act, think, everything more positively. Even the kids got in on the idea. Here it is late June 2018, I’d never taken mine off until it snapped while chasing passion. It is important to me readers understand and note that I was the last member to lose/break their bracelet. I’m proud of that. I’ve poked at everybody waaaaaay after the challenge because I rocked mine religiously. I have a complicated internal sense of respect that will not allow me to just make another bracelet. I gotta do a whole nutha challenge to rightfully rock a new bracelet. PLUS, now I push my messages of being positive by T-shirt so I can’t wait to wear the bracelet that matches the T-shirt. Yes, yup, you betcha. I’m going to be THAT person. That person on IG taking selfies in gear grinning like life is super good. Not only am I going THAT person. I’m aspiring to be THAT person. New challenge is the Gratitude Challenge. For 31 days, I will podcast what I’m grateful for. J.K. Rowling said, “Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I built the rest of my life.” I dig that quote. To better fit my purpose, I’ve remixed it. Gratitude will be the solid foundation on which I continue my #LIFEwith MS. I am really smelling myself on this. Like, really, REALLY feeling where I’m going.

I’ve written about my mantra, GAP, Gratitude, Attitude, Passion. I repeat it to myself when times are tough. Correction, when I remember, I repeat my mantra. Hey, I’m an honest guy. The All Things One Love Podcast gives me a platform to practice what I want to project. Throughout the 31-day Gratitude Challenge, I’ll start every episode with GAP and I’ll chime in with random musings of love, improvement, family and energy, LIFE. I’ll use Facebook for pictures and videos of the journey. I can communicate with others through various channels, IG, FB, email, whatever but I want to communicate. I mean, isn’t LIFE best when shared?

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