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What I Learned From the Gratitude Challenge

That it is very much possible to change your mindset and thinking. It is absolutely possible and I will do it because I am doing it. YOOOOOOO!! This thing works! I am on day 42 of the Gratitude Challenge and I feel the difference. When I wake up, within minutes, I’m listing what I’m grateful for. When I lie down for naps or bedtime, I’m listing what I’m grateful for. Throughout the day, I’m listing what I’m grateful for and making mental notes for later. It is working. I believe this focus on gratitude is manifesting as positive energy. For 7 months, I have applied for various jobs, teacher, hotel desk clerk, caretaker, Medicaid coordinator, tutor, everything and anything. For 7 months, I have a total of one interview. Two weeks into the Gratitude Challenge, I had two interviews. 42 days into the Gratitude Challenge, I’ve had four interviews and feel confident that only the MS tremors are halting my employment. I’ve lost two phones to being wet in 7 days and paid a total of $5.41 for replacements. This is working. I completed my first real estate commission of 2018, first 20 podcasts and first YouTube episode all during this Gratitude Challenge too. It is working. It is slowly but definitely making me more productive and efficient because I don’t dwell on my inabilities and bleak future. It’s making me stronger and more resilient because I’m attuned to what I’ve accomplished. It is working!

I’m coming up on the two year anniversary of my MS diagnosis. It’s a really emotional time for me. The reality of Multiple Sclerosis has altered my perspective, accelerated my goals, reordered my priorities and damaged my relationships. I admit, I have not solved this doppelganger life. I’m nowhere near solving this but I’m closer now than I was 42 days ago.

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