GAP Challenge Day 2 of 7 (3.18.19)


— What a day! First gratitude goes to my moving and being productive despite heavy ass back pain, Spondylosis, and consistent neuropathy in my legs. Yes, I started writing my book! I’m grateful that my high schooler remembered to leave her camera downstairs for me. (Trying to get upstairs is an absolute adventure 🤐.) My wife wanted an extra shift, she got it. My daughter shocked us with better-than-expected grades. I’m grateful that my friends are referring me to their friends. I found a positive news story and it ended up involving a MS patient. Shout out to my internet for staying on all day. Let’s see… Oh, mad props to the bus drivers for getting all their kids home safe. I’m serious too!


“I don’t chase dreams. I hunt goals.”

*I dunno*

I chose this quote because it can be used specifically today. I started my book after daydreaming the past two weeks. The goal was to start. No more planning, discussing and overthinking. A solid 3hrs later, I have TWO pages.


— Not only did I save someone money after speaking with me, I scheduled two chop sessions. *looks around for haters* Chop sessions are conversations that start with, “Bruh, we gotta talk.”, “Dawg, guess what happened to ya boy.” or “Say mane, you busy?”. These typically end up with an opportunity to teach or grow. I do have one particularly random lesson. I learned that I type using 2 thumbs faster than I write. 🤓

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