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GAP Challenge Day 3 of 7 (3.19.19):


— Grateful that my internet is working, number ONE. I forgot that I require internet to call or text. Naw playa, we don’t do landlines because those require internet as well. I dunno, something about proximity to the lake. Anywho, I ramble but I’m thankful that my wife’s patient made it through the night, and all patients. 😉 I’m on pins and needles waiting to be grateful for my sister’s new delivery. I posted the first chapter of my book and received plenty of affirmations, big ups. My high schooler took time from her busy day to teach me how to use her camera. My son brought his best grades of the year home. I don’t have home wifi but I’m grateful that it coincides with a horribly painful MS day. I won’t try forcing myself to work.


*I deserve to rest.*

— I have to repeat this to myself. MS plays wicked mental games. I waste an exorbitant amount of time trying to convince people that I’m not as sick as I look and move. The remaining hours are wasted telling myself to slow down and rest. That is wicked mind games and today, I refuse to participate. It’s a bad MS day and there are too many symptoms to pinpoint or list. My attitude is to care for myself with rest, water and… 🤐


— I’m off to tutor this evening. This is helping people on an educational basis and I’m digging it. I wish I could tutor more and I’m currently engaged in actions to grow it. I’ve taken a solid 3 weeks off from developing my non-profit organization and that should begin this week, not today though. Attitude, remember?

Day three, in the books.

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