Gratitude Challenge Day 5 of 7 (3.21.19):


— I can feel the challenge working! By working, I mean that every day, I’m beginning to focus more and more on recognizing Gratitude. My thoughts are centered on being grateful. It’s really, REALLY cool. Starting off today is gratitude for my wife taking me on a surprise lunch date. 😍 Wow! It was true surprise and I deserved it. Heck, first time I’d been out for anything this year. MS is kicking my legs’ ass and keeps me in a state of pure exhaustion so …. Oops, rambling on MS. I’m grateful that my insurance company refunded me $62, out of the blue. Props to my potna for FINALLY sending my Madden 19 back to me. My RE business is warming up for the Spring/Summer clients, I gotta appreciate that. Respect and love for the realization that we, as a family/squad/crew, do NOT need Netflix, Hulu, Sling and whatever else. We’re all the down to just Hulu, saving $75/mo. Always appreciate saving money. Hey, final shout out to Dairy Queen for offering free ice cream today!


*Only I decide what breaks me.*


— That’s right. I decide, which means that I pace MYSELF. I will not allow anyone or anything to rush me, pressure me, slow me, etc. I decide what breaks me so I will be vigilant censoring what makes it to me.


— Tutoring yesterday gave me a Math website to share with parents. I’m also interested in making videos of myself teaching my favorite lessons, telling stories, etc. I’ve had some old students asking and the more I get into writing, the more I like it. Personally, I learned that I still like Blue Moon with orange slices.

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