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Gratitude Challenge Day 6 of 7 (3.22.19):


— Magnesium Citrate gets the number 1 spot this morning. It’s used for BMs. 🀀 Look, MS gets ugly sooooooo, whatever. I tried some other over-the-counter stuff but nothing worked. Nurse Wife said go with the magnesium citrate and 24hrs later, my shit is working again. Shout out to my 3 youngest kids for listening to my first public reading since elementary school. They really seemed interested in my book, Da G.O.A.T., and that blew my head up. Friday is always on the gratitude hit list but special recognition for the bday invites and big props to the wife for offering to drive me. I’m grateful I learned to set up my computer and Bluetooth keyboard/mouse in bed for writing. I’m suuuuuper grateful for today’s fish/burger house party. Got the money for new tires too!


*FOCUS = Follow One Course Until Success*

(Nope, don’t this one eitherπŸ™‚)

— OMG! Talking with my wife about this very subject this morning. I’m currently a real estate agent, life/property agent, credit repair agent, tutor, sell T-shirts and apartment locator. Whew! I swear I’d be BALLIN if I could walk independently or use the RR when I want. I don’t do either so I really struggle maintaining employment, which makes me jump back and forth between them all and now, BOOM. I find the acronym, focus. She continues encouraging me to just write, GAP, MS, a book, poetry and read. I keep trying to find a bullshit job, (just over broke). Focus huh? Pick 1 and go because a jack of all trades is a master of none.


— Dare I write this? I’m finally beginning to allow others to look out for me? To have grown and matured would be a definitive step towards progress. I have a tendency to “go meek”, which means reject any and everything offered because I feel like a bother. I must do better now that I realize this behavior.

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