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Teachers do NOT need guns

It’s time to get this off my chest. Race war, murder, riots, absolute killing fields will begin in American classrooms. Our American culture reeks of sexism, classism and homophobia but was founded on the horrific principles of racism. Racism is as American as it gets. Even before the conversational cesspool of slavery, Natives were treated as an infestation and systematically exterminated across the continent. I’m not just a retired, American history teacher, I’m a retired, MELANIN RICH, American history teacher which is a 2019 Afrocentric way of saying Black teacher. My Melanin, my Black, my Afrocentrism shines in the capacity of teacher because I’m a story teller at heart and every great story is about perspective and setting.

White teacher kills Black student to defend classroom!

The Race War of America will begin in our classrooms; if teachers are expected to carry guns or granted the right to carry guns. Under the guise of protection from school shooters, minority students are marching towards their executioners. See, people must NOT forget that 80% of teachers are White women from middle class backgrounds. They enjoyed school. They connected with their teachers. They want to share their awesome experiences because they loved school! The problems start right there. 80% of students are of minority heritage. Over 60% are on a free or reduced lunch program. Hell, over 60% of marriages end in divorce. I’m spitting numbers and percentages to set the scene and provide clarity. There is a definitive culture gap in our schools that lies at the feet of low, standardized, test scores, achievement gaps and issues with behavior, attendance and motivation. The culture gap is a real thing. It shows itself in language, clothing, expectations and so much more. As a general rule of thumb, American society acknowledges the culture gap by using schools to force feed the White perspective. Teachers (remember, over 80% white) are in schools feeling overwhelmed with the culture shock. These classrooms now are stocked with Black and Brown kids that do not share their fever for stories of the great, White heroes throughout American history. The Black and Brown kids do not share the perspective of clothing that their teachers appreciate. Look, sagging is wack but there’s the earrings, tattoos, hairstyles, shoes, etc. Do we really need to dive into the language aspects? How close SOME cultures get to talk? Like, invasion of privacy close. What about volume? Yup and yes, I’m still setting the scene. The everyday, mundane scene at the average institution of education. Teachers and kids. One tasked with colonizing the impressionable minds of ALL students, but ooooooo, those Black and Brown kids are resistant for some reason. One blessed with youth, ignorance and a doppleganger appearance to American culture. Is the picture becoming clearer now?

A White teacher will draw a gun out of frustration at the students’ disinterest in the lesson. How dare they ignore the lessons that will save their miserable lives from the ghettos and barrios? Laughing at instructions? A scared, White teacher will draw a gun to control the classroom. The boys in the back are always so loud whether threatening each other or joking. The girls, in the front, roll their eyes obsessively at everything and Tyrone is late again. The shot wasn’t because the teacher is racist and just wanted to kill a Black or Brown kid. The shot comes after years of feeling like they’re undercover. Maybe Maria yelled at Becky, “Biiiiiiiitch, you ain’t shit!” and the teacher thought Becky would actually be hurt this time. Regardless of the exact specifics leading to the teacher shooting, a White, teacher will shoot a Black or Brown UNARMED student and things go to hell, in a hand basket. I refuse to predict what happens immediately following the shooting. How many kids get shot? Do kids fight then? What happens on a national level? I’m not going there. This is my nugget, a teacher shooting a student would trigger the Race War. Minorities see themselves murdered and abused at the hands of police on a daily basis. Minorities struggle with the threat of losing their children to violence, poor education, unemployment and a predatory judicial system. Minorities will NOT accept this story. No media spin will miscast any child enough to justify his/her death at the hands of a White teacher. Police? We can’t fathom fighting and continue losing in courts. Teachers? πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ Naw, WE gon fight teachers, principals, coaches and whoever else at that damn school. πŸ˜‘

YES, it would go down if a minority teacher shot a kid too. Absolutely. No question. I just don’t think a Black or Brown teacher would.

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