Love Death +Robots: Netflix animated series/TV-MA rating/7-16min

Let me open by stating I am NOT a full on bopper about anime, robots, sci-fi, any of that stuff. Sure, I love a good movie seething with adult content, roasted over an action packed plot and sprinkled with sci-fi/fantasy elements but if the story doesn’t have minority characters as major players, I’m out. 😉 I know, I know, I knoooow. It sounds racist and elitist. Well, whatever. I’m not writing today to offer anything except my perspective on Love Death + Robots. I’ll mess around and argue myself into a whole nother blog topic.

Holy frigging father of WOW! Episode one was so damn good that I stopped to start my review and recommend it. In the pantheon of first episodes of anything, this is great. So what are you signing up to watch? A lot. For starters, it is anime but NOT the traditional Asian based anime. In the first episode, the characters resembled an average American movie cast, absolutely stocked with white characters and a few well placed, “token minorities” to prove diversity. That definitely made it interesting from jump for me. I’m cool beans with original anime but seeing characters closer to my culture gives it a personal feel. I can readily relate to people that look like me. Don’t we all? Next up is the episode length. Regardless of how you feel about anime, it’s incredibly easy to give it a shot when the entire story is wrapped up in seventeen minutes. Yes, 17 and many episodes are less than ten! The stories are unrelated so don’t worry too much about attachment to a particular storyline. Reason three to check out Love Death + Robots is the content. It moves remarkably fast and those pesky, short time frames prevent precious time from being wasted on developing the anything. That time frame is a pro and con because episode one had me crazy excited at the conclusion but now, it’s something different. Don’t worry, this post shall be updated shortly after I finish the Netflix meal.

By episode three, I’m over Love Death + Robots. The animation dramatically changed in episode two, expected buuuuut DAMN! The storyline went mayonnaise aka boring. Episode three opened with a third type of animation and I was done. Neither episode did much to grab my attention in the beginning and with the 7-17min duration, I’m on the fourth before I finish the post. It doesn’t matter; I’m done for awhile with series. In the future, I recommend reading the summary of the episodes. This isn’t the series to just “let roll”.

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