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Dead To Me: Netflix series/TV-MA/30min episodes

This show is fire! 🔥🔥 Dead to Me moves fast and despite the short 30min episodes, the storyline is executed flawlessly. Christina Applegate juggles dark humor with ease and knocks her grieving widow role out of the park. I haven’t seen her much outside of the occasional Married with Children marathon, on some random channel, on some random late night. Throughout the series, she (Jen) shifts up and down the stages of grief with speed and authenticity. When angry, I felt her emotion and usually agreed. Her bouts with sadness and desperation danced well with the anger to create a character that I felt I knew. Meanwhile, Linda Cardellini takes her role of Judy to sensational levels of genuine mystery. I could never get a true read of her intent because she hid it behind reckless optimism. Together, the ladies walk grief and positivism ten 10 episodes down a rabbit hole of conundrums.

My wife and I ran through this series over a week and both of us gave B+ grades. The plot is extremely well written and I commend the writers for an outstanding job of development. Every 30min episode was emotional, shocking or both and left us clicking ‘next episode’. We even dug a little and read up on Will Ferrell, since he’s producer.


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