Yoga, Meditation and MS: What I Know

Hold the GOT DAMN HORSES. I mean it, stop. Yoga works. Let me get that out immediately and with all transparency, yoga works. Not immediately. Not tomorrow. Hell, it won’t help today but you’ll feel like you’re taking steps towards improving. What I mean is this, when I do my yoga and meditation, I feel better mentally and spiritually before I feel better physically. It’s a combination technique so doing just one will NOT have the same effect. 😒

I start with yoga. Nope, not every day at all. On a good week, I’m running yoga 1 to 3 times TOTAL. Yes, I should definitely do it more because I believe in it but I have my excuses and vices. 🤐 For me, the MS Yoga works best. I stretch the toes, foot, ankles, quads, thighs and “sciatic nerve”, in that order. It’s basic stuff but maaaaaaaaan, my body is worn OUT afterwards. Next, I’m stretching the upper body, fingers, wrists, arms, shoulders and neck. To be absolutely honest, I hate the upper body part because in my mind, my upper body is the least of my issues. Don’t worry, I am well aware that MS will attack EVERYTHANG (mine already does) so I make sure to work out the upper body too. Back to the legs and spasticity, I was wrong before. Yoga does help immediately. I am able to take and make little movements without the early spasms, shaking, tremors, tingling and general spasticity. You know that desperate attempt to make it those few feet to the RR because BOOM, you suddenly gotta pee? You have NO idea if it’s real or not, urinary incontinence complications, and you didn’t consider that truth because the urge is sooooo DAMN aggressive. You just take off and of course, that’s when accidents, falls, slips, trips and broken stuff happens. Well, IF I’ve done my yoga that day, I’m able to make that rush to the RR with confidence and smoother motions. IF I’ve done my yoga, I can sit on the toilet without using the walls to keep myself upright and stationary. I know, probably TMI but aren’t you reading because you have a jacked up disease or know someone with one? You may wonder, “Yo bro? Do yoga everyday then. See how good it’ll get!” I have plans to do just that but between building a brand, working a business, creating multiple streams of income, blogging and sleep… 🏌🏿‍♂️ Oh yeah, throw in relapses, setbacks and you’ve got your answer. 🕵🏾‍♀️

Meditation? I’m there homie. It’s a huge element of the mental and spiritual improvement. How? I use the 6-3-9 breathing method. I inhale through my nose for 6 seconds, hold that breathe for 3 seconds and exhale for 9 seconds through my mouth. Without delay, I begin again. In a perfect world, I play the Netflix fireplace movie, set a 10min timer and go at it. I struggle doing this folks; it ain’t as easy as it reads. Allergies slow me up so I remix the mouth and nose part, sometimes only using my mouth. The rampant, negative, self talk and random, wondering, imaginative thoughts completely wreck the flow and timing of the breathing and THAT is what you’re controlling through meditation. You’re giving yourself a much needed time-out from *🥁 roll please*… yourself. OHHHHH MY GOODNESS does it help! When I finish, I feel like I’ve taken a short nap. I come out feeling spunky, frisky and almost horny. It’s an awesome feeling but I’m successful 1 of those 3 weekly attempts. Nope, I never get it right first time either. Physically doing yoga gives your body something to do while your mind wonders or jams to music. Meditation gives your body nothing to do and forces you to focus mentally on the trivial task of breathing. For a set amount of time. While life occurs around you. Well, MY life occurs. As such, I don’t get the big payoff as often with meditation. Honestly, *looks for snitches*, I don’t even try that much because I know my percentage is low and I haven’t adjusted. Hmmmmm, as I write about my failures, I’m thinking I could wake earlier and alleviate some of my excuses but I don’t wanna go there now. Realizing I need to step up while writing about stepping up is kinda depressing.🤣🤣🤣

So, in summary, yoga and meditation are 100% worth your time, energy and investment. #SPM = Stay Positive Muthafuggas,

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