3-star Review: Razzoo’s Cajun Cafe Restaurant

Started off GREEAAATT with Phat Tuesday specials. Then reality slipped in. Our hurricanes were much too sweet. Sure, the hurricanes had kick but if my liquor is too sweet then I’m fighting stomach issues later. Next up, appetizers. Rat toes were mushy and I refuse to appreciate anything mushy INSIDE anything fried. Boudain balls fell in same category, mushy. Now, the fried pickles almost fixed the entire lunch. My wife calls me the fried pickled connoisseur so it’s no small feat to earn my praise with this dish. That made 3 of 4 ordered items below average. Nope, I can NOT ok a 25% success rate at any restaurant. I’m giving 3-stars because I’ve enjoyed crawfish at every Razzu but broke tradition today.

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