4-star Review: Grimaldi’s Pizzeria (Woodlands location)

Not gonna lie, Grimaldi’s is NOT one of my favorites. I really only come when others are celebrating something here. Why? I’m not a fan of thin crust pizza. It is really good but I still firmly believe in deep dish pizza, specialized crust and support ALL the toppings. My family all love the place and have come for years. I do appreciate its ambiance and atmosphere. It feels like something you’d see on a NYC pizzeria, waiters buzzing, pizza rolling in/out a beautiful fancy oven, CRAFT beer, the works. The staff is extremely busy and rarely is it a slow day here. Let me just say, when I do scoop a pizza, its a cheesy affair. I go various cheeses pizza and 2 beers. Best case scenario for me? Adults only gathering and we’re drinking wine on a Tuesday because HALF OFF WINE ON TUESDAYS!

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