Review: Grand Theatre of Conroe (3-stars)

This is actually my go-to spot for movies because I’m a BIG movie guy. The tickets are overpriced but so are all movies. Food is the average, wack, run-of-the-mill movie food. This means soggy pickles, nachos with that thick, cheap cheese, flat soda fountain drinks and boxes of candy you should have bought at Wal-Mart. The eating trays often sticky. We’ve given food back beause trays were sticky. Why go at all you ask? Those bathrooms are usually REALLY clean. That is the saving grace, clean restrooms. I’m handicapped and roll with daughters so clean RRs are my SHIT, safety, germs, etc. There’s rarely a long line either which makes life easier. Which leads to my last like, parking. Wow, plenty of space and even more important, oodles of handicapped spaces!

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