Kendrick Avant

Q-Shi Bistro BBQ & Sushi

OMG on food. OMG on service. Just all OH MY GOSH! You’re spending a pretty penny but in this case, you’ll get what you paid for. I’ve been here a few times and since Dives, Diners, Drive-Ins made this place an episode, you can barely even get in! When I make more money, this is a weekly eatery.

Now, the joint is Asian and BBQ fusion so get ready for some wild out awesomeness. Everything we’ve had is outstanding. We do NOT bring the kids because no way I allow kids an opportunity to waste food like this. Loaded fries? A. Korean Kimchi Fries? A Jalapeno Crab Poppers? A+. I’m Pescatarian so I skipped the BBQ on my sides and it was still an A! On the sushi, the key description is fresh. The sushi rolls were freshly rolled, rice proportionate to fish, rice didn’t fall apart, ginger snapping and wasabi kicking. If you go with a bowl, get plenty of appetizer because those are kinda small. The Chimichurri Ranch was interesting as heck. I wasn’t a fan but the wife loves it. My favorite is actually the NOLA Crawfish & Shrimp Bowl and I stock up on those appetizers to ensure I’m full. I’m telling y’all this stuff is worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY. Service was amazing. The owner even came out to shake hands and tell stories!

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