Yummy Yummy Mongolian BBQ Sushi

It is shocking that I’m giving 3 stars after a horrible start. We were seated at an uneven table that rocked everytime a member of our 7 sipped their drink. Table was clean but floor was filthy. It was late so we were cool until the warm beers arrived. Warm beers?! Tried a vodka and cranberry but that was the worst any of us tasted. It wasn’t strong or weak, just nasty. Floors, warm beers and nasty vodka/cranberry led us to cancel all plans for sushi. The saving grace was the Mongolian setup. We were warned that going over rim of bowl would cost $3 but all of us dove in when we saw the variety of meat/veggies/sauces and spices. The bowls came back QUICK and HOT! Every one of us loved how our bowls turned out so much we ordered another round of warm beers. We’re going back, just earlier in day for comparison’s sake.



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