Kendrick Avant 3-star Review: AMC Spring 10 theatre (the fancy KINDA new one in Spring)

I love the seating here and ….. that’s it. The oversized chairs that lay straight back are exactly what you never knew you needed. I’m a rolling chair guy myself but there is something serene about laying back like riding in a cadillac. The food are typical movie stuff and the drinks/beer. On our seats were ripped and didn’t recline (I know! After all that!) but we were given freebies so cool beans. Since then, it has gotten better each and every single visit. It started as a one, maybe 2, but has worked up to a solid 3 with plenty of room to grow. There is a full bar but it’s overpriced even by movie standards. Out of 4 visits, only ONE bartender actually deserved a tip. 🙁 The seats are always comfy, lay back, etc. The facilities has real handicapped seating/advantages. They’re placed toward the center of a few different aisles and have super spacing for wheelchairs/rollers to parked near the handicapped party. The RRs are numerous and clean, always a plus because y’all know me. I am never impressed with their candy selections, soft pickles, unknowledgeable tenders or wack popcorn of butter and salt. You do get the option of buttering and salting popcorn but it is not good options. There is a sizeable parking lot but I’m handicapped and never get here on time to find handicapped parking.

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