3-star Review: Monnalisa Bar

Monnalisa turned out to be one those spots that doesn’t stand out for anything special. The ambience was casual and very low key. That actually makes plenty of sense since it is connected to the Hotel Sorella. Dim lighting, expensive drinks and midnight closings are staples of hotel bars. We slid in 12am-2am and I was caught off guard by the ladies on stage. I still have no idea if It was karaoke night but the place was rocking. By rocking, the music matched the energy of the audience. After the girls left the stage, the energy didn’t change at all. Upbeat hip hop tunes belted throughout the jam-packed bar BUT somehow It was easy to hold a conversation. Those expensive drinks? Didn’t leave a memory. They weren’t strong or weak, just blaaaah. The bar patrons were NOT a diverse ethnic group but the age range stayed in the late 20s – early 40s.

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