4-star Review: City Centre (Tomball, TX)

Super chill atmosphere and environment. I live on the northside aka NAWFSIDE of Houston so the closest comparison that I can give is Vintage Park. The passersby were mid 20s-30s and it was definitely more girls than guys. It was a rainy Friday night so I surprised that the energy was so positive. At one point, I struggled walking in the rain and we got a taxi in less than 5 minutes. Yup, taxi, not Uber. Shout out to Frank the taxi driver! The big difference between CityCentre and say…the Woodlands is access to public restrooms. The Woodlands has them advertised so you can easily find them. I couldn’t find anything here. After we hung out and made polite conversations with folks, we plotted a course for the night. Everyone with an opinion offered two spots, Eddie V’s Prime Steak and Seafood and Monnalisa Bar.

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