5-star Review: Deacon Baldy’s Food Truck Park

I am SUPER DUPER impressed! Tuesday was $2 Old School Beers night and I slaughtered the Schlitz and Lonestar. Dont worry; their selections were extensive, light, dark, ale, porters, stouts, OMG. I was in heaven I tell ya! The food trucks were so attractive that it took 30min to order. My wife is a stalker fan of the Godfathers BBQ so she was faster. πŸ˜‹The sheer amount of kids present made the place feel really chill and family-ish. With an outside setting and table space, my entire family of six had a blast in the midst of busy time while feeling like we had privacy. My wheelchair was NOT an issue either. I could fit anywhere! I’m coming back tomorrow to ensure its really this good!

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