MS Sex

MS Sex

MS Sex is passionate & hot.

It’s for no reason.

Right here.

Right now.


It’s teasing & willing to be pleased.

Not 50/50,


All play, no work.

MS Sex is patient but dangerous.

Hits high spots, low spots,

deep spots,

long as they are the right spots.

MS Sex is rolling around, standing up,

sitting down, squatting

on your back, belly,

sides and knees,

on floors and tables,

against walls, doors and

Is that my ass print on the window?

MS Sex is addictive chills of anticipation,

bodies quaking, bed squeaking & shaking.

Pressed against each other,


It’ll make you bite your bottom lip when you hear your name.

Curse too LOUD.

Open your mouth but no words come out.

It’s eye to eye, nose to nose, mouth to mouth.

Whispering. Confessing. 

I love you. 

I LOVE you. 



MS Sex is holding hands 

(or losing them because they’re all over). 

Fingers running through hair or in your mouth.

No longer thinking,

it’s reacting on instinct.

Asking & answering questions like,

Are you enjoying me?” Yes, I always do.

Or this one,

Baby, what are you doing to me?

but she already knew.

MS Sex is tasteful like swallowing

(and you can’t believe you did that).

But your lover still kisses you hungrily,

tongues intertwined.

MS Sex is a variety of tempos 

until you release that physical embodiment 

of what you’re feeling

in someone,

over someone.

Eyes wide, nothing disguised,

breathing hard,

collapsing in each other’s arms.

Then, that deep, sweet sleep.

MS Sex is waking up first thinking,

‘Damn, we slept a long time.’

You have to pee but you refuse to wake her up.

So, you just watch her. 

Admiring her face.

Stroking her hair.

Smiling and thinking,

‘This is the one.’

MS Sex is realizing that the fitted sheets are off the bed.

Unable to find panties, boxers, bras.

MS Sex is

Uhhmmmm, you left a hickey on me.”

Gurl please, you left scratches on me.

It will get you morning kisses before you brush.

Calling in sick to work.

Just to have MS Sex again.



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