4-star Review: Papa’s Pizza (off the Galveston seawall)

This is our go to spot for pizza everytime and anytime we are in Galveston. We had pepperoni a few years back before I quit eating land animals. The pepperoni slices were just the icing on the cake. The pizza itself “pillowy”, as in firm but really soft. The sauce isn’t too sweet, too bland or *gulp* too spicy. It is a great blend that combined with the pizza dough, kinda reminiscent of warm breadsticks and marinara sauce. Even the veggie pizza is loaded with fresh vegetables and takes nothing away from its original flavor. I really enjoy the buffet here. Salad and various pastas are served in a Luby’s-style setting. Pasta are cool beans but not what we come for. Salad is chunk sliced, veggies sliced in big chunks. Don’t worry, whatever pizza fits your fetish can be ordered!

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