Me & Netflix vs. the very painful, barely sleeping, heavy coughing, can’t move to sit outside & need help to use RR Week

Back issues y’all! 😭😭😭😭 What I’m saying is, I fell and hurt my back one day after work. It was a terribly dramatic sight. Da lil handicapped homie had substituted for the PM shift, kinda struggled but pulled it together, headed to cross the parent pickup lane of cars and… BAM. SPLAT. I fell. I was ok but yeah, it hurt. I backdoor’ed the fall with sleeping on the injured side and woke up with a slipped disc and pinched nerve. No bueno. I was down and couch-bound for a 6 weeks. Six. Weeks. 😭😭😭 During the time, I couldn’t hold my head in any position comfortable enough to write, blog or even read! Of course, I yoga’d and meditated every day. Heck yeah it hurt buuuuuut…. I firmly believe it sped my recovery. Now what else helped my recovery? Being still and watching some the shows I’d stockpiled in Netflix’s My List so here we go! 😉

My Grading System

A = Awesome!

B = better than most

C = Cool beans or cute

D = Struggled to find something I like

F = wack ass movie

Trials of Gabriel Fernandez

B but I never want to see it again. Trials of Gabriel Fernandez focuses on the biggest child abuse case of Los Angeles. The parents faced the death penalty. Social workers faced multiple years in prison. 8 police officers were investigated. Yoooo, it was bad and caught national attention. I knocked it down to a B because it was too long. 6 episodes, bout an hour apiece and everything regurgitating the horrific details of the abuse. 6 hours was just too much but I was so ticked at the parents, social workers, police, the entire system that I rode it out. I had to know what happened to who, what changed in the system and whom to blame.

Love is Blind

B because I’m really kind of a sap about love. 😋 The premise is what got me hooked. A bunch of people are speed dating by phone ONLY (like for real, FOR REAL). Nobody can see whom they’re talking to but everyday, sit in isolated rooms and just talk to different “contestants”. If contestants are feeling each other, I mean feeling enough to marry, then somebody proposes marriage… Awwww…. BUT THEY HAVE NEVER SEEN EACH OTHER! 😮🤐 Sooooo, they vacation in Mexico as a trial run, see other and plan to get hitched. The premise and implications blows my mind. Is love blind? How much do looks matter? How much of your past do you share because ALL this goes down within 30 days! YES. From talking to a list of strangers over 2 weeks to seeing them AFTER the marriage proposal, 1 week to “test each other out” and married.

Extreme Engagement

B but probably really a C. The couple is traveling the globe to practice the marriage/engagement traditions of other cultures. When I say other cultures, I’m talking about deep, DEEEEEP off in jungles, deserts, no technology, no freaking running water or toilets, no hospitals, nothing. They’re eating wild out animal instestines and sexual organs, hunting stuff, even fighting locals in “sports” and attending religious ceremonies. Normally, I don’t watch this stuff because I see it as fake and cheesy. Extreme Engagement is cheesy as heck but it didn’t convey fake to me. Dude, not with the losses and lessons he was taking. On a another level, it sparked some interesting conversations between my wife and I. I’m crazy about “old world medicines” or Eastern Medicine. This series explores the “old world medicine” because the woman has been told she can’t have children by Western doctors. These OTHER cultures? She’s trying THEIR medicines and… 😨


A! This was a gem, treat and pleasure to watch. A Latino family faces bankruptcy and the loss of their family owned restaurant in Los Angeles. As side drama, writers sprinkled in struggles with family members ‘selling out’, racism and prejudices of multiple cultures, of course somebody facing an unwed pregnancy, careers vs. jobs, immigration, parenting and more. Gentefied has it all yet miraculously wrapped in 10 easy-to-watch 30min episodes.

Fortune Feimster

B+. Maaaaaaaaaan, I am new to Fortune Feimster but she earned my admiration and respect for the Netflix special, Sweet and Salty. Look, I’m a fan of Richard Pryor, Rudy Ray Moore, Bernie Mac, Eddie Murphy and Eddie Griffin, Katt Williams. My comedy fix is often associated with cursing, aggression, border line racist observations and a slew of sexism stuff. Fortune is none of that and she kept me rolling. Heck, I enjoyed it so much that I watched it a 2nd time with the wife. Fortune brings her unique life story to the audience and viewers by telling fantastic tales of childhood ignorance and resiliency. I loved it.

THE Stranger

A. This MUG is fast moving and choking on plot twists, character suspicion and general mystery. There’s so much going on that it’s difficult to explain without spoiling the series. Couples in a town are visited by a stranger who informs them of a secret in their respective relationships. From there, it goes DOWN. One of the many bonuses to this series was the noticeable casting of Black actors and actresses. It made a huuuuge difference for my wife and I. *There’s a similarly titled series, Stranger. I’m blogging about The Stranger. Two very separate series.

David A. Arnold

A. This stand up is the polar opposite of Fortune Feimster. David is much more attained to my brand of comedy, raw, edgy, vulgar and most of all, relatable. I’ve never heard of him but ending up watching it three times in one night with different family members. His stances can be archaic, especially in this modern, progressive society but his delivery discharges the negative energy. He was OUTSTANDING and attacked childhood, marriage, parenting yet finds the channel to defend passion.

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