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2nd Day HOME with the kids for covid-19: Daddy’s Academy of Gratitude (aka Mommy’s Montesori)

YES. Da lil handicapped homie woke up excited about day 2, Daddy’s Academy of Gratitude! I yoga’d, meditated, shared Gratitudes, fine tuned my daughter’s career-cities-to-live project by adding start-your-business Cornell Notes and was just waiting to pounce. 🦁 The kids? Not so much. They were obviously sleepy, fussy and acting like brats. I had something for that too. THEY’RE MOMMA! πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ It was TWO parents enforcing expectations which was all the spunk we needed as a team. On day 2, she floated about and I worked on the blog. 😍 Worked perfectly because it gave me a breather after yesterday’s dancing with Debbie Allen Live on IG. I was apprehensive that she’d demolish my first day but she pretty much stuck to the schedule.

8:30 – 11am Learning Like a MUTHAFUGGA

This basically ran according to plan. The difference? My 8th grader finished his whole day of assignments at 9:30am. πŸ˜‘ BOI was he proud, happy and smug AF. Thought he’d play videogames or stream all day but no sir. He read 9:30am – 11am (fell asleep twice and I woke him to walk and drink water! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜). My high schooler fell asleep during her start-your-cosmetology project buuuut I knew to smash them AFTER lunch. My younger two fought sleep valiantly with their Mother’s help. She was a godsend!!

11am – 1pm Lunch/Recess/Break

This was a pure Mommy-Takeover stunt and I was ready for it! She was never going to fully comply with any schedule and truth be told, I wasn’t about to fight/complain/whine myself. Multiple Sclerosis folks, it just ain’t that serious. My son was done, senior just woke up, 1st grader had napped off some benadryl and 5th grader was crunk on finishing everything earlier than yesterday. We moved the Academy/Montessori outside where it became family time for a FULL hour and change. #NoComplaints.

1pm – 2pm Finish stuff/study

We gave my 8th grader a school tutoring/practice website to study various subjects. He chose Math and ELA, 30min. apiece. My 5th grader finally started her silent reading and kid #4 did Math practice and an online Math game. My senior got down on her project. Again, two parents stalking about with jokes, pokes, answers, questions, etc. everybody had to work for real.

Glory, 1989 film: 2pm – 3pm

Why? Easy, kid #2 is learning about the Civil War. I figured, he do Cornell Notes over the first hour and since it’s a GREAT movie about the plight of African Americans enlisting in the Union, BOOM. My wife questioned the censorship and younger kids’ participation. I responded, “Babe, I get it but I’d prefer earlier exposure under OUR influence than anything else period. The younger girls have assignments but if they get distracted, it’s a learning lesson that I’d enjoy.” Everything went well as I expected. We had deep conversations and interesting dialogue. I was able to draw comparisons and lines from 1863 to 2020. My 5th grader got totally into it, senior did, wife did and my 1st grader peeked but stayed true to her learning activity.

Gratitude Jornal/Activity

I gave them a 32-question Brain Hemisphere Test. The goal is for my kids to understand their strengths and weaknesses BUT to also begin pumping their heads with the fact that environment determines intelligence. Schools and teachers are usually left brained while minorities are usually right brained. It’s important my kids understand this and the subsequent undertones. Now that I’m homeschooling, they will. πŸ–€πŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ

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  1. Shirley Dickerson

    An extra dimension of love and appreciation to you, SIL, and my daughter for the respect β€˜Gratitudes’ show for our ancestors who sacrificed much so that we could have better and do better. So thank you for developing Gratitudes as the amour to help our children win❀️

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