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Yoga, Meditation and Multiple Sclerosis

*This post is a continuation of earlier posts based on the benefits of yoga/meditation. The previous post was titled and linked here, “Yoga/Meditation vs. MS. What I learned after one FULL month

9 months later, I yoga/meditate every single day…

Hell to the muthafugging YES. 💪🏾 I’m still holding on, hanging tight and improving myself using yoga, meditation and other Eastern Medicine/Old Way methods. There is soooooo much that I wish to give to y’all, tricks, strategies, timelines, old ways but I must focus on yoga and meditation. Everything else, teas, waters, oils, patience, herbs, cremes all start with yoga and meditation. Once upon a time, I was a believer in Western medicines, pills, surgeries and all that stuff, plastic surgeries, diet trends, weight loss, everything. Not anymore 🤜🏾🤛🏾. Da lil handicapped homie pays much closer attention to what gives in the body, what comes out, how long it took, effects throughout the digestion, aftereffects of ingestion, everything gets grilled before I accept shit into my temple 😉. Again, my mentality, spirit, strength, awareness and fear all stem from yoga and meditation. It is because of yoga & meditation that I developed the strong sense of connection with my body, mind, heart and soul. What do I mean? Happy you asked homie. Let’s jump in!


9mo ago, I started by blogging about noticing how much stronger I was getting due to yoga. I could take in more groceries, wrestle in the pool and my wife LOOOOOVED my improved physical appearance. Now? All that was the beginning. I can walk a little bit more. (Be rational! By walk, I mean steps. I can take a few steps without falling 😘) The daily yoga hyped me so much that I added planks, push-ups, squats, all types of home-based work-outs on a regular basis so da lil handicapped homie is truly, sincerely, honestly getting his swoll on. I compete with my 8th grade son on various gym-like exercises and actually win! I can sit straight up like the Undertaker used to in those Wrestlemania classics. 👨🏾‍🎤 No way, I am the only one that immediately visualizes an assortment of scenes! I have a constant light muscle ache that feels GREAT. You know the type after a good workout? Yup! That is what I start my day with and since I yoga/meditate more than once, I get it as needed! Big Homie, you have no idea of the mental/spiritual/emotional/physical benefits of a good workout, whenever TF you need it. I bring my mat to substitute teach because I will bust out a quick session during lunch, recess, elective, whenever.  


Last check in, I told y’all I was shocked that I could shower on a bended knee and be out within 10minutes. Guess what? I can stand in the shower now!!! By MY GAH DAMN SELF! How do I do it? As needed or a few times per week. My wife bought me a fancy shower chair that is super easy to use so I spoil myself. To be honest, I needed it then. I’ve gotten strong enough that I use it more for comfortability than necessity.

Definitely More Energy

It was high when I last updated. It is higher now. I can’t use words to convey how much more energy I have compared to life before yoga & meditation, before MS even. My energy level shocks ME! Do I crash? Yup but I gotta be honest, I go hard, take a break/nap and I’m back at it. I look forward to those days. I challenge nights. Maaaaaaaaan, I got energy. If you force me, I sleep 4-5hrs/night, at least 1 RR break during that period, take 1 30min nap (usually I just lie down till I feel better, 1 hr nap (same things tho, lie down). So, my downtime is about 6 ½ to 7hrs. Folks, other than that, I’m going. I’m blogging, writing, noting, yoga/meditating, prepping, building, educating (thanks covid-19), cannabi-cating, dranking, drinking, planning, plotting, you get it. Do I watch TV/Netflix/Hulu/Stream? Of course. With my wife or kids. Me alone? I rock podcasts and audiobooks because I am GOING.

Movement/Walking/Driving Distance

All of this has improved with daily yoga/meditation. I mentioned earlier that my steps are further and I take more; I reach things that I couldn’t before. My driving is not so much a success story. I drive less often because I don’t feel safe behind the wheel regardless of improved strength/coordination. WHEN I do feel safe, I can drive longer and without discomfort.  

Neuropathy/Back pain/Tingling/Numbness

OMG, puhlease, don’t act surprised but yoga & meditation doesn’t cure neuropathy or back pain. It prevents them more than treats them. This is what I mean, when I do yoga every day, I get less neuropathy/back pain but once I get neuropathy/back pain, I need something else. Usually, that something else is a heating pad, healing oils, tea, anti-inflammatory pills, I have an assortment of Eastern Medicine/Old Ways to throw at pain. I hurt my back in early Feb. 2020 and although I yoga’d everyday, it wasn’t the same tenacity, attention to detail. Neuropathy immediately increased with that reduced regime of activity. As I healed and got back to my routines, the pain decreased again.   

Sex Drive

🖤💪🏾🙏🏾 You damn right I improved here as well. I can FEED and HEAL off sex. It is quite amazing and something I have no avenue/group/medium to discuss with! In the end, it proves that I am being better. I am fixing my heart/soul/mind/body in that order. In the interim, it means my wife and I have stuff to try/do/experiment. Fellas. Dawg. My boy. Bro. Bruh. Everything involving sex  is better as your yoga/meditation improve. Your stamina. Your reach. Your attention. Your bounceback. Your initial shot. Her enjoyment. Her awe. Every. Thing. Improves.   

Body Changes (March 2017 – present, 3 years Pescatarian!)

Yoga/Meditation are NOT the sole reason for the body changes buuuuuut…

I changed to a Pescatarian in March 2017 because I quit healthcare. It’s a long story but if you’re interested, click here. As I lost weight, I realized I needed exercise to tone up. That is where yoga has been tremendous. I discussed strength as the first benefit of yoga, the toning up, the confidence, the body changes are a decidedly different benefit.

Why Meditate (Patience/Wins)

Over the months, I have learned the difference between yoga and meditation. The two are not the same yet they connected. Yoga pushes your physical being. Meditation pushes everything else. Sure, you can skip meditation, give it super short times, ignore it, whatever but once you truly OVERstand… *sighs* I’ve increased my meditation from 3min in July 2019 to 10min in March 2020 because I get it. By sitting for that time, whatever it is, you are resetting your brain. For that time length, you are only focused on keeping the appropriate breathe, in, hold, out, repeat. Your eyes are closed. Breath in. Hold. Out. For that time, I’m NOT overthinking my last interaction with family members. I’m NOT worried about bills, unemployment. I’m only focused on breathing in, holding and out. I’ve gone from using nothing to using guided meditation to finally, nothing. I set my meditation to working on self or receiving blessings and I’m off. I love it and could examples of it working but I won’t because THAT is for another post.

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