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Day #8 HOME with the kids for covid-19: Daddy’s Academy of Gratitude – Ya BOI got this mutha on LOCK! 💪🏾

Whew! I’m learning as I go!

What a BETTER freaking day today was! In every part of the day, life was an improvement. I woke up without the dreaded MS exhaustion, no MS hug, no tingling, just regular ‘ol levels of pain and discomfort. I can deal with that. I can do that with a smile and a plate of Gratitudes everyday. The fact that it is Friday too? Shhhhhiiiiiiiiid. BET. The kids bounced back well also. Everybody was at their spot by 9am. Nobody still had food in their mouth, juices by the laptop, they were ready. *beaming* The biggest struggle with homeschooling via online courses are those random rushes of teacher assisnments. Some days, nothing comes in and I’m handing out “worksheets” (really tho, I make them copy worksheets from different websites). Other days, work comes in like flood waters and spills into MY free time. (I know. Free time is just hiding in the bathroom, pretending to boo boo when you’re just on your phone, sighing at memories of 2 weeks ago.) Today was the former, few school assignments, so I wanted to build off yesterday’s successes teaching them to speak better, encourage affirmations and fill up buckets.

I didn’t force any assignments. The focus was on improving their communication and I started with a speech. I got on my soapbox and explained that I knew they were always “just joking”. I knew it was the “way kids talk” but it had to slow down. At least have the common sense to be aware that I am around and to chill when I’m present. To meet those ends, they spent today back on modified rotations. I chose when and where they rotated to because it was imperative that I avoid certain combinations. Kid #2 and Kid #4 can not work on laptops near each other. They can share one but operating as separate entities, sitting near each other is a no go. Kid #3 can’t be near anyone until after lunch because she has that morning, everything-and-everybody-irk-my-last-nerve attitude. No problem since there weren’t many assignments. I obliged every student’s individual needs and accentuated their weaknesses.

Working on her book report: Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The Wrecking Ball

She hasn’t been able to get distracted ONE bit. Nobody to fuss about.

But how was their communication and shouting?

Like I said, waaaaay better. The opening speech that I performed was damn near Teacher-esque. I mean speaking to a classroom of misbehaving students that stop and listen because its so good. I gave my son examples of childhood friends that played too much and too rough. I hit my 5th grader’s issues with her high intensity attitude. How much help I needed with cooking , her favorite activity, because Super Mommy has to work extra hours. Her negligence towards others in general made me not ask her to help. I discussed anger issues with my 1st grader and how many potnas of mine were abusive towards women, family and the helpless. Every last one of them started with a bunch of yelling at family members as a kid, cook-outs, ball games, reunions. Kids that couldn’t control themselves grew up to be adults that couldn’t control themselves. When I was a teacher for Character Education, I practiced these talks. I researched student’s lives, past issues, successes, likes, everything and smashed their disobedience with love and personal connections. I rarely do my own kids that way but I did today and loved the results. I can’t blame anyone but myself if I don’t reinforce, revisit, remind and renew their commitments to improving communication.

End of the day and they begged to sit together WITHOUT the wack ass, hating comments.

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