4-star Review: Home2Suites by Hilton Texas City

Cool and low key hotel about 15-20min from the beach. I mention the location first because it made a great impact on our overall travel. It saved us from usual traffic and gave us great start when arriving and departing. It’s also 5min from a McDonald’s for late night snacking. The hotel has all the basic stuff of a Hilton, pool, breakfast, Wi-Fi, etc but the huge poolside towels were an unexpected bonus dealing with kids.

The Wi-Fi is fast enough but it stings when a hotel isn’t set up for casting phone-to-tv. I can understand not having Netflix or Hulu or whatever but give the people casting. Hey! Shout out to a manager & entire staff that was on IT.

Manager helped me get me my kids 9am breakfast waffles done AFTER being on duty at 1am to hang out while we ate an outside picnic. Housekeeping handled the sand my kids left and we came back to extra clean room each day!

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