4-star Review: Whistle Stop Cafe of Conroe, Texas

Where do I start?! How about this, the food was so good that we jammed to the music. Good food will make you forget/ignore the music playing like in awesome buffets. GREAT food will have singing along to songs you don’t know like at your mom’s holiday plates. Friday night, 7pm, hot date with the wife,all-you-can-eat-catfish was the scene. To ensure I gave a honest review, we scooped triple appetizers too and that is where the wonderment began. Cheese sticks were thick, gooey yet NOT fried too hard and the marina sauce was even thicker. Grade A.

Mushrooms, NOT pickles. 🤷🏾‍♂️

Fried pickles were thick slices and fried harder than the sticks. Grade B. Fried okra was usual size and regular good as well. Grade B. But you wanna know about the catfish huh? Almost there! The hand-cut French fries were like something from Dives, Diners & Drive-thrus. They weren’t heavily seasoned (a cheat code for fries is just heavy salt) and we still destroyed them. Long and fried lightly, we snacked on them like they fresh Lays chips. Grade A+. Even after being full, we kept talking and pulling fries. The hushpuppies could be a separate side dish. Hard on outside but consistent on inside is a difficult task. All SIX of ours were just right. Grade A. The coleslaw is a solid B+ but I didn’t have room to eat more than a few bites. It needed a sprinkle of pepper but even THAT is a compliment because I pepper my mom’s coleslaw! And finally, the catfish. Being cut into it large bites was a good moves. It essentially made the catfish into a finger food so we gazed into each other eyes while grinning and dipping into tarter, cocktail and ketchup. I’m a fan of lightly fried food and the fish fit the bill. Once again, lightly seasoned so we could taste the fish and not salt/corn meal/etc. Grade A. This is MY new, NEW spot!

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