Wednesday, 4/29 at Daddy’s Academy of Gratitude:

*standing at mic* Look here folks. The shit has gotten ridiculously inconvenient. Yes, literally the shit that I’ve written and complained about the past week has officially hit the “too much” meter. I’ve been rocking and rolling with chronic constipation for a long time, but never a solid month straight. On Monday and Tuesday, Principal Mommy saved my hide by starting a front yard garden project. Each of those mornings, she had the students (dem kids) outside picking through plants and shrubs, pulling weeds, planting new stuff, laying mulch. I was impressed as I sat outside yoga’ing to music and sunlight. Today, I’m alone and out of patience. There was little pain, bunch of painful cramping but nothing other than that. (Sorry if that reads/sounds confusing. You might need chronic pain/illness to be able to differentiate! *bows heads*) More than anything, the constant pressure has married itself to my conscious and robbed me of patience. Early this AM, as soon as my wife left for work, I downed a whole bottle of magnesium citrate.

Fuck it people. I gotta get this shit out so I can be normal as possible.

Link to: How I handled Multiple Sclerosis and Constipation

Opened up my Pinterest and BOOM. Guess I gotta push it today.

I don’t blame anybody for not clicking that particular link! I didn’t want to plug up another post with discussions of such a specific topic; so, I left it as an independent joint. I will share that music was playing all day and I kept taking naps. The magnesium citrate hovered over my head all day and when the students came downstairs, I went ahead and explained what I was doing and why. Back in the days, I would hide my discomfort, pain, symptoms because I was paranoid that seeing my struggle would damage them. It doesn’t. Matter of fact, by sharing my trials and tribulations so publicly, I’ve accepted that I need TF out of my kids. Not the students, MY kids. The transparency led to them completely blowing up my expectations. If I’m hurting, my kids will come to my rescue with everything they have and know, tinctures, sage, kind words, they got my back. I proved my mental fortitude by sharing exactly what I was up to. They were grossed out, had big jokes all day but held it down. My eldest tried to help my 1st grader when I was out the room. My youngest watched the clock and made sure we stopped and resumed on time. The two in the middle? Kid #2 kept me in his eyesight in case I fell juggling equilibrium and stomach issues. Kid #3 chose today as her most distracted day of the last few weeks but I am not gonna complain that one kid, of 4 total, was bullshitting.

My son can NOT curse at me but he pretty much told me this at P.E.

It has been quite some time since we did a REAL exercise for P.E. Part of that is me; I don’t demand much during P.E. If we go outside, I’m cool beans with standing around, sitting about, chillaxing, NO electronics and sunshine. It was raining today so outside was not an option. Back to the home workouts that we did during the first month of homeschooling, jumping jacks, push ups, squats and burpees. My plan was to play the role of a mean coach. I fussed and holler’ed about getting butts lower, backs straight and made participants redo poorly executed exercises. It got a little bit too serious when my son challenged me to “at least try planking or push ups.” *CHALLENGE ACCEPTED BECAUSE MY MOMMA AIN’T RAISE NO PUNK!*

Maaaaaaan, I damned near had an accident on the carpet. What was I thinking?!

None of my kids made it to their Google Meets today. I have no doubt that it was simply a case of “forget those wack assignments” while I was on any of many RR breaks. Of all assignments, the Google Meets are my kids most difficult. We set alarms, remind each other and still miss some. With me unable to actively monitor, I wasn’t about to fight over a class meet unless a grade was involved. If I get one of those teacher emails, it’ll be on.

Who’s Cooking Dinner Tonight

This is quickly becoming DA SHIT in our household. My wife came up with it and we’ve adapted, remixed, and finally created a masterpiece of family entertainment and teamwork. Each evening, I draw a kid’s name that MUST cook that evening. My wife puts together a dinner meal according to the kid’s talent, interest and of course, available groceries. That kid cooks the meal while she helps or teaches as they go. When I say help or teach, that is what she is doing too. It’s hands on, oops-I-messed-up, folks laughing, pics snapped, jokes cracked, no-crying-because-tomorrow-is-___-turn, WAIT-this-turned-out-good stuff. Kid #3 was happy to “win” her chance to cook and when the dish turned out to to sweet and sour chicken, she hit the roof. Kids #2 and #4 went green with envy. Kid #1 even volunteered to air fry my salmon just cause she wanted to be in the kitchen while it was all going down. The best thing about it all? Whoever doesn’t cook, is cleaning kitchen as a group activity. I can’t lie. THIS idea may be her greatest since… She made that Pina Colada and salmon this weekend!

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