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Friday, May 1st is Day 31 at Daddy’s Academy of Gratitude: Dog Days of Homeschool

I feel it coming!

Yesterday was off the chain. My stomach was finally moving weight up and down the highway. *winks* Today, I was wore out in a good way. I may have gone a tad too far with my whole yoga, meditate, workout with kids, blah blah blah. All of that is a good thang tho! I enjoy earning my body soreness and aches because it generally means I had some fun. While I was crunk and living in yesterday’s glory, the students (dem kids) came down ready for the Friday Half Day. It took about four weeks but they finally got the memo that we slow down a bit on Fridays. With all my issues this week, they earned their half day with yardwork and independently completing assignments. I’m proud of the crew and *beaming* that’s it. I’m proud of them.

My neighborHOOD so G (Gratitude)!

The Friday opened with my neighbor placing a Willis ISD Senior 2020 sign in our yard. Yuuuup, da lil handicapped homie has a high school senior graduating in a few weeks. I am getting oooolld. Actually, I got one graduating high school, one graduating junior high, one graduating elementary and kid #4 thinks she graduating LIFE. *rolls eyes* In a G (Grateful) way, my wife and I couldn’t have designed things any better but I will not attempt to take credit. She ain’t getting credit for it either tho! *LOL* The attention on her graduation reminded us all that the academic school year ends in 21 days. We are doing this to the final bell. It also shone a spotlight on these last few weeks. The students were crazy drunk with fantasies of life without these pesky school assignments. Kid #4 stopped and tried her best to be sad about Academy nearing the landing station. I had to calm her down immediately with candy promises of Gratitude Assignments and book reports for money all summer. *sucks lips* NAW. I DO NOT EXPECT HER TO REMEMBER THIS PROMISE NOR HER REQUEST!

Gratitude Assignment


Noooope. We will be UberEat’ing. 🙄🤣🤣😂😂

The kids have really done a good job with schoolwork, attitudes, sarcasm and now, Who’s Cooking Dinner Tonight? Principal Mommy made the executive decision to spoil them (SHE calls it treating them but this is one of those whatever moments. *looking paranoid* She ain’t gonna read this. *wink*). “Just ask them what they want and I’ll stop on the way home.”

Which is how we end up with four different answers. I had a solution, THE solution. Progressive Auto Insurance, aka Flo with Progressive, gave us a $50 Uber Eats coupon. Instead of her hitting four different eateries, she hit two and I used the coupon for the other two. #WIN.

I’ll go to my friend’s.

Kid #1 not excited. 😋

Time to bust heads. EXTRA LAPTOP time for awesome scoring rhymes! 😉🤣🤣🤣

Friday is our early release and that WAAAAAS the plan. It got flipped into a hearty game of dominos when Principal Mommy called. Apparently, she had been watching some of our antics over the security cameras. She demanded the students (dem kids) “go outside or something because they ain’t playing video games and Roblox all damn night.”

*straight face*

Fine. We bust each other’s head in dominos until she brought home the bacon, shrimp, grub. *rubs belly* Mmmmmm… I encouraged outrageous levels of participation and thought by tying LAPTOP time with fly ass scoring rhymes. This is what I mean:

*slams domino down making a thunderous clap sound* “TEN TIDY. BIG HEAD, LITTLE BODY!” That means, I scored ten points. It is a classic example of subtle shit talking in dominos.

*kid #4 slams domino making tiny thud* “FIFTEEN POINT FOR MY JOINTS!” She sho did. Thought of it by herself too so she earned extra LAPTOP time.

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