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Tuesday, 5/5 is Day #33 at Daddy’s Academy of Gratitude. MUTHAFUGGA: It’s Cinco de Mayo and how we sliding in liiiike….

Yes. This special day, celebration, is an example of my “asshole-ish” ways. On this day, I hold dem kids (the students) accountable than a MUG for things I teach them, tell them, reinforce and expect of them. I am such an asshole that on this day, before you eat a meal in my house, adults and chil’ren gotta state why TF we celebrate Cinco de Mayo. I am NOT bullshitting either. Dead ass serious. *duck face but it turns out too ugly*

If you don’t know; cool beans, I have NOOOO problem explaining it over and over and over to whoever needs to know. I do this EVERY year and… Know what? I’m not going to try to explaining my thought processes behind this. I got my shit. You got your shit. They got their shit.

“UH? Uhhh… Oh. Like Black people and Mexicans fought somebody for freedom. Easy.

Well, he tried FIRST so I’ll give him some credit.

My son volunteered to answer the question first. Why should Black folks celebrate Cinco de Mayo? He gave a valiant effort and at least got two groups right. Freedom was involved but whose freedom? His confidence shattered immediately upon my in-depth review. Probably because he knew I was wrong and figured, “I’m hungry and going first.”

“I KNOW this one! Ok. * dramatic pause* Slaves and Mexicans fought… uhhmm A WHITE COUNTRY! Yeah! Some short guy tried to help the South but basically everybody else was sick of Europeans so they beat them. Since he couldn’t help the South, they lost.”

*sniff* #ProudDad

Yeah, she hit the major markers. I was proud of that answer! She even remarked, “Don’t we do this every year?”

My wife didn’t know anything but she went all eye-roll-say-something-and-watch-me-go-___-to ____-cuz-I’m-grown-blah blah blah. I wasn’t even bout to try because my mood is UNFUCKWITHABLE on special days like today. I rose from slumber at 5am to prep for this. I had videos up, Gratitudes recognized, memes created and generally getting ready READY. Waaaaaaay back before “da ‘rona” our family and friends would celebrate together, at our crib, Mexican food, Soul food, beer, tequila, crunk music and MY LESSONS… *wink* It started that way in MY mind. For years, my wife and her girl squad kidnap Cinco de Mayo for pure grubbing and drinking purposes. *looks around for snitches*

What we did do

Not. A. Damn. Thing. It’s quarantine season, I’m #sickAF and on the short list of folks-who-should-be-worried-due-to-chronic-illness. There no big party and I wasn’t about to fuss or play with people over some Zoom thing. As a family, we laid a magnificent spread of Mexican and Soul food but we skipped the whole shenanigans and big bang party.

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