4-star Review: Akashi Asian Bistro & Sushi Bar

Not my first time here but it was the first restaurant I’ve visited since Valentine’s Day! Immediately, I was impressed and shocked that our waiter (James) told us, “With everything going on, Y’ALL DO MATTER.” That guaranteed dude a 10% tip increase ALONE. Now, food, drink, service were all exquisite. We destroyed every morsel, bite, drip of juice!

Spicy Edamame
WOW. Best I’ve ever had. The flavor was popping so brilliantly that several times, my wife and I just talked and sucked the shells.

Vegetable Fried Rice
The rice AND veggies were cooked well. Rice was fluffy, not soft; veggies were fresh and firm.

Alligator Roll
Maaaaaaan. That juice/sauce? OMG. It had an Italian dressing zeal that paired perfectly with the lemon zest.

Sushi B combo?
I think that’s the name but it came with a California roll. The SUSHI was awesome. The white fish almost melted in my mouth but that Cali roll was super bland.

Me? Sapporo beer, 22oz. I get it EVERY time. The Mrs. scooped a mixed drink,  . According to her, it taste like Belizean vacation. Yup, that’s her version of an A grade.

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