SuckaFree Franchise: How It Works and OTHER stuff… (PS4/Madden 20)

Aight. This is IT people. My brother and I have run an online football league of friends since the days of NCAA Football 2014. When that ended, we all switched over to Madden and it’s been on ever since. *proud grin*

I, myself, JUST started back playing in early April. Madden 20 was the first that I’ve ever missed and… Well, it’s kind of a long story so I’ll leave the link below. *wink* Y’all KNOW da lil handicapped homie is prone to losing himself in a story so I won’t even start. I’ll give the basics. I’m back. The league jumped from 6 to 14 within weeks. One dude joined. He brought his potna. That potna had homies. Those homies had people and next thing you know, here we are. An online franchise, thick with NEW users, ready to implement “defined” rules and regulations because about 8 of the users don’t quite get how we, the original crew, get down. Our basic rules start with the below…

Everything here is implemented because over the years, users have cheated, cheesed, abused the system and walked away with trophies. For the original crew of us, we know exactly what each other is hustling and pulling stunts on. For the new people, there is always some confusion.

We limit divisions to 2 users in the interest of consistent gameflow and player development. With 2 users, things keep moving and nobody is jammed constantly because the whole unit is waiting on a user vs. user game. We’ve had years where 2 users shared a division but they were unevenly matched (Cowboys/Eagles). That led to hurt feelings, accusations of user abuse and flat out jacked up everyone ELSE’S player development because the winner had such gaudy stats from stunting 2 games every year. ALL of his players were getting trophies, awards, points from smashing the lesser opponent. It was a sad and quite wack. Now, we try to rectify that, not regulate, rectify.

48hrs to advance. If users can’t link up, Commish will fair sim the game. If one user forfeits by changing times, being unavailable, etc., opponent gets auto win. RESTARTS require a picture or auto loss. Yup, we know dudes reset when a star player is injured. *rolls eyes*

To participate in the playoffs, a user must play the entirety of the season. NOPE. Nobody can join mid-anything and play in the playoffs.

Trading with CPU is ONLY allowed if you take send a picture of the player ON the trade BEFORE the trade! You already know. Dudes in the past had SUPER teams and left the CPU teams with nothing and nobody. We really appreciate the realism and difficulty of building a team to match your playstyle. As such, we have trade rules.

Only allowed 3 draft picks in ANY round! This is another realism counterpoint. Teams in the NFL do not regularly have excessive draft picks in any round and we strive to “keep it in the game.”

Cheating/Cheezing/Abusing CPU

There are many names and excuses to cheating, cheezing and abusing the CPU. In SuckaFree, we keep it simple and say, “Dawg. That shit don’t really happen in real life so you bullshitting.” At that point, the Commish will throw out results and give an auto loss. On subsequent infractions, Commish may remove a user completely. Again, these rules vs. cheating, cheezing and abusing the CPU are to the keep the game somewhat realistic. Yeah, we know it’s a video game and there will SOME crazy stats buuuuuut…. If you don’t OVERstand, SuckaFree is NOT the franchise for you and your outlandish, ridiculous 4k rushing seasons, 7k passing, 40 sacks, etc.. How about this for a general rule of thumb? Do NOT exceed any record by 30%. At that point, you gotta diversify your playcalls or something because you can be removed for excessive cheating, cheezing, and abusing the CPU.

Basic Stats to Watch vs CPU: these rules are NOT cemented buuuut…

600 passing yards in game (individual) vs. 700 (team)

9 passing TDs in a game (individual) vs. 11 team (team)

300 yards rushing in game (individual) vs. 500 (team)

5 rush TDs in a game (individual) vs. 8 (team)

9 sacks in a game (individual) vs. 15 (team)

4 INTs in game (individual) vs. 8 (team)

25 catches in a game (individual), 300 receiving yards (individual)

beating CPU by 50pts

New users always want some kind of sheet to exemplify cheezing but there is none here. We treat cheezing like porn, “Can’t define it BUT you know it when you see it.”

New to SuckaFree are User Games of the Week!

Yup. Brand new and starting THIS regular season 2028. The Commish will choose a User vs. User Game of the Week. How? I dunno homie but he will. In that matchup, the HOME team must stream the game or post the game to YouTube. (If you have a YouTube/Gmail account, sign in on your PS4 and press the “share” button after your game. If you need, try it out BEFORE your matchup because excuses are like assholes, everybody got one.

If you’re up by 28 in the 4th, for gawd sake, call OFF the dogs. Start operating in “eat the clock” mode, stop passing deep shots and going overboard to embarrass your opponent. Look homie, most of us are fathers, married, watching shit on Netflix, blah blah blah. Ain’t nobody got time to be playing Madden an extra 30min because you still passing and wanna just blow another user TF up. Naw playa. Stuff like that makes users quit and what fun is another league with people quitting and only a few dominate? In SuckaFree, we pride ourselves on the dream that anybody can pull it off if they make the playoffs. You may have superior stick skills but our rules allow basic players a puncher’s chance IF they build the squad properly.

Meet the 14 Users opening the 2028 Season

1.) Funkytown of the Buffalo Bills (Commish) – long time commish and major shit talker. His usual MO is to build the perfect team by dumping vets in favor of younger players that fit his system. He is a perennial contender and challenges the bullies regularly. Of course, this means that he is just the lowest ranked bully.

2.) Bowman of the San Francisco 49ers (Co-Commish) – original member of the SuckaFree Franchise since NCAA Dynasties. He is best known as Mr. Consistent, never misses a game date, doesn’t play mind games, rarely engages in trash talk and always in the playoffs.

3.) Me (Once-FutureKing) of the Tennessee Titans (booty of the squad) – Da lil handicapped is the BOOTY of the squad but some of that is on me. I joined 2 seasons ago and still in the midst of building my masterpiece of a team. 5 wins in 2 years so far!

4.) Hawkeye of the Dallas Cowboys (3x Champion) – perennial bully and champion. Hawkeye relies on superior playcalling skills and knowledge of schemes to defeat his opponents. He is not a trash talker but definitely the most talkative when playing the actual game and known for giving overmatched opponents tips on improving.

5.) Kaso of the Cleveland Browns (3x Champion) – perennial bully and champion. Kaso relies on superior stick skills and doesn’t care much for drafting. He focuses on building a win now team and is best known for making opponents quit the league altogether. He only engages in shit talking period.

6.) Pickens of the Atlanta Falcons (Current 2x Champion) – Rookie of the Year, perennial bully and current 2x champion. Seems to be cool dude that enjoys the camaraderie of the league and deep dives into player development.

7.) Bball of the Oakland Raiders – running with SuckaFree since NCAA . Good dude known for missing games and late starts.

8.) Ant Joh of the New York Jets – newbie/rookie and best known for trash talk, shit talk and regular talk.

9.) Rocket of the Philadelphia Eagles – newbie/rookie that turned heads when he defeated Hawkeye on his first game. Things will be if Hawkeye is challenged throughout the season and forced to adjust for the newcomer.

10.) Clock of the Kansas City Chiefs – newbie/rookie. Doesn’t say much except play his games and do his thing.

11.) Coach DJ of the Pittsburgh Steelers – newbie/rookie. Doesn’t say much except play his games and do his thing.

12.) Mustang of the Detroit Lions – newbie/rookie. Doesn’t say much except play his games and do his thing.

13.) LatPack of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers – newbie/rookie. Probably on the 2nd tier with Funky and Bowman and proved it with user wins, playoff appearances.

14.) BigPrin of the Los Angles Rams – newbie/rookie. Doesn’t say much except play his games and do his thing.

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