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They ALL were so shocked that ol’ Daddy thought AHEAD and had the shirts here. NOPE. I didn’t even tell my wife what I was up to. 😉 My plan was to have all 6 shirts here for my eldest daughter’s graduation. In a perfect world, we would have worn them ON her graduation day. 4 kids, one left HS, one left middle school, one left elementary and one enters life as the ONLY kid left. Naw, we didn’t plan it that way but it’s worked out so far. 🤞🏾 Literally, every kid graduated from SOMETHING. Now, they can rock their something all summer and beyond.

For parents, like da lil handicapped homie…

First up, take care of the WIFE. 👫🏾 Maaaaaaaaaaaan, if you haven’t read my blogs, posts, memes or watched videos, I’m ALL about that married life. She earned title of Principal Mommy because during homeschool (aka Daddy’s Academy of Gratitude), she remixed and changed plans like only a Principal can do. Some were freaking AWESOME, like the Who’s Cooking Dinner Tonight Game and everything associated with P.E.. Some were “inefficient”, like most changes to our timed schedule 🤷🏾‍♂️. Regardless, our fearless leader kicked it WITH us every day that she was home. She arranged charts and to-do lists for each kid’s classes and assignments. She STILL flexing with the porchgarden and gives us to do ensuring it survives! 💪🏾

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And then there was one, ME, da lil handicapped homie. Yes, most of my students (dem kids) called me Mr. Daddy during our 9am – 4pm Academy of Gratitude time. 🤤 #NoSnitch. Maybe the biggest thing about MY shirt is that it’s too BIG. I’m 6’0, 170lbs and XL swallows ya boi. My wife is waaaaay too small for her L too.

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