SuckaFree 2028 Week 4: Talk to me quick, don’t talk to me slick

I’m NOT even about to get mad over these explanations because a bunch of the users are different levels of “newbies”. Let me just offer this…


Like for real, for real. From here on out, week 4, season 2028, 14 users (both the former SuckaFree vets are returning next year). if you’re worried about somebody cheating, cheezing, or pulling some ol Willie Fu Fu bullshit, gon stream your user game OR share it. Otherwise, folks using or even building their offense around something outside regular NFL playcalls is fine. Now, SuckaFree does FROWN on going for it on 4th down beyond 3 yards. So, in other words, punt the freaking football if its 4th and 3 or more. Yeah, yeah, yeah, special circumstances, momentum, your particular style of offense, whatever homie. If it’s 4th and 3, punt/FG unless you’ve crossed fifty.

Okay, let’s get into it. I think what happened is simple between Pickens (Falcons) and Ball (Raiders). Ball did say “hold up” but come on bro. During a game? You’ve been texting/complaining already about TEs? NOBODY thought you’re “hold up” related to waiting during gameplay. I mean, we get it about wanting to keep your personal stuff, personal but being mysterious is exactly what caused the confusion.

Meanwhile, Pickens had to suspect SOMEthing when dude wan’t calling plays. I get it. I would push the envelope too… Maybe call a play or two… Squeeze off a little something, something… When the game quit due to “griefing”, what was he to do? #ROTFLMBAO!!!!

OTHER user games…

Hawk (Cowboys) vs. Mustang (Lions)

Looks like it was a closer game! The efficiency of Hawk’s offense/defense, his user’ing the MLB was the difference. Mustang is breaking in a new QB after losing his superstar to free agency and the Falcons. The fact that he was IN the game says a lot about his skill/talent/ability/threat.

Rocket (Eagles) vs. Kaso (Browns)

In what would have been User Game of Week, the newbie Rocket defeated his third straight bully to open his record 3-0 vs. users. Shhhhhhiiiiiiiiid…. It LOOKS like dude is basically amother User GAWD of stick skills. No disrespect to the former champs and current champ buuuuuuut…. this Rocket fella is aiming for ALL the “top guys” and “big shit talkers”.

ROLB Clayton Bost, Army, power rusher, projected 2nd round

Aight, so chopping with the league scouts and his Army coaches, Clayton Bost is a gym rat and classic grinder. His father is NFL HOF coach, Romeo Crennel. Bost shunned full scholarship offers to join the military and help his country. His service fulfilled, he is ready to play in the NFL. Scouts are concerned about his “lack of serious interest in football”. Whispers are the young man has become a leader of the BLM movement at Army and facing disciplinary issues are removing Confederate relics from his base.

LE Zach Jordan, California, power rusher, projected 3rd round

This kid is all the rage in the scouting circles and media rooms across the country. Jordan came to California as a 200lb TE. Through hard work, he has gone from oversized, 350lb OT to the team’s leader in tackles for losses and and sacks. His dominating play on the edge vs. USC led to California upsetting the #1 ranked Trojans. Jordan is a master of his handwork and attributes his capoeira training with his weight loss.

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