1-star review: Wolfies (the one ON Lake Conroe) 😑

Ok, we’ve been here before as a family, squad and celebration crew but today was the worst. The waitress seemed to really try but looked quite overworked busy. Our appetizers were not good. Both of our fried pickes and fried okra were extremely greasy. The kind of greasy where you wonder if others are noticing that you wipe your mouth so much. My 2lbs of crawfish were bland as possible. I always order, ALWAYS, extra seasoning because as a repeated patron, I make concessions. It didn’t help today. A noticeable amount of crawfish were overcooked and tough. The corn and potatos were slivers; seriously, I could count the rows of potatoes. The Korean BBQ wings may have been the worst of meal, thick sauce, very bbq-ish and somehow gunky coating. The spicy lemon pepper wings were bad but we couldn’t pinpoint if it was the skin, flavor or what. #YuckWolfies

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