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SuckaFree Week 9: Submitted by Hawkeye of SuckaFree tier 1

BOOM! SuckaFree has 2, I repeat TWO, dudes writing stories, blogs & filling in gaps like legit newreporters. The original is ME; of course, booty of SuckaFree, BUT users have gotten so crunk on the blog that USERS are writing the blog posts for the PS4 franchise titled, SuckaFree.

Since Lat stepped up and volunteered to fill those weekly news, ESPN and general topic material, I’m wondering who steps up next. Hawk, resident bully of tier 1? As of NOW? Hawk has submitted his personal update and willing to go PUBLIC with his games vs. other users. Soooooo, without further hype, I present the FIRST ever guest blogger…

Hawk. Bona fide SuckaFree Tier 1 Bully

It’s Just A Video Game

Submission by Hawkeye (Dallas Cowboys)

SuckaFree has come a long way since I was first introduced to the league in Madden 16. I wasn’t even apart of the conversation just another user everybody waited on just to advance. I went dark Madden 17 and came back with a vengeance in Madden 18 & 19. In some part I felt like the punching bag of the league, too many rushing yards, scoring too many points, defense having too many sacs you name it I was the culprit. “Thats cheesin” they all said.  Then the homie sat me to the side and for a good 2 hours we went back and forth on the definition of cheesin… about a video game. Yes! About a video game. Then it duned on me rules are rules and regardless of how you feel about it they must be followed or you won’t see SuckaFree when you go to your franchise mode. 

Despite the many users that have come and went the one thing that remains the same is the integrity of the league and the ironclad fist our commissioner rules with. The point I’m trying to make is the direction of the league is on a steady incline. 14 users occupy the league, some veterans and most newbies. It’s competitive and fun to play again like if the game just came out a month ago. I would love to see a 32 user league but some feel it may slow the league down waiting on slow pokes or too much of a hassle to legislate over repeat offenders or take away the active users that really add value to SuckaFree. This will definitely need to be worked out with a fine tooth comb. A few things I wouldn’t be opposed to:

  • A committee for example appointed to regulating the rules of the league, complaints/concerns from users, suggestions/amendments moving forward to keep the league fresh and competitive 
  • All users play as a created coach with a low level rating that way position development isn’t OP due to an experienced coach already unlocking that trait or a discrepancy in scouting points
  • Include more custom draft classes (parameters will be used for this)
  • Draft pics not to exceed 15 in any given year
  • A minimum of 10 run plays & 10 pass plays per game
  • Every user vs user game streamed live or posted b4 week is advanced

Just to name a few….

Maybe my ambition is getting the best of me, it is a video game for crying out loud. I’m just a guy that rose from the ashes of Crumbville to now being a head carved out on the SuckaFree Mt. Rushmore. Either way I’ma still bring smoke to any user who wants it. That’s my 2 cents y’all can keep the change.

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