Kendrick Avant 5-star Review: George Lopez (Netflix stand up special)

Yoooooooo, Sis/Bro/King/Queen, I was waiting on the Netflix George Lopez comedy special since it was announced! I didn’t start a Lopez fan and matter of fact…

The Latin Kings of Comedy was the “coming out party for George Lopez” in my eyes. I didn’t know of dude until the movie put him in my fresh-out-of-college apartment living room. With a full audience, I rolled on the floor laughing at the routines of 5 comics that I hadn’t seen before. They all ripped up set but George and Cheech etched themselves in my memory as comics that I could count on to make me laugh at any time.

All that being said, I didn’t watch his T.V. show until it was cancelled. It was nothing against the series but I was young, chasing and trying to establish my family. I got into the show in 2012-2014 when I was on kid #4, wife working nights as a R.N. and I was gaming and watching George Lopez all night with a new baby. The relationship between George and his mother gave me plenty of insight and experience into his jokes and stories.

The Netflix special was worth the wait! George came out slanging political jokes, culture jokes and basing everything on his Latin perspective and upbringing. It was my wife’s first time seeing George since that 2002 Latin Kings of Comedy and she was highly impressed. George picks up where the show left off with raw, unadultered, comical assaults on immigration, raising kids, being fat WITHOUT straddling the line of political acceptance.

In the Latin culture, we don’t want to live forever! We know stuff is bad so we avoid the doctor and keep living.

Major theme of the special

Throughout the special, George maintains a message. “We’re not here for long time, so have a good time.” That could summarize my perspective on living life with a painful, chronic illness like Multiple Sclerosis. I honestly hold that same vision and theme towards life.

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