How Meditation improved Multiple Sclerosis

How to Meditate using the 6-3-9 technique. (video link!)

I’m NOT bragging or anything buuuuuuuut… *looks over his shoulder for haters* Da lil handicapped homie has been ON meditation for over a full year. YES! I’m proud of myself too! Meditated and yoga but I’ve done so many posts on yoga that I want to focus on meditation for now.

When I started meditating in June 2019, I had to do the 6-3-9 breathing technique and set my timer for 3min. (It seems like ages ago as I describe the beginning! *wink*) The 6-3-9 breathing technique is taking 6 seconds to breathe in, holding it for 3 seconds and using 9 seconds to breathe it all out. There are several other techniques but I roll with 6-3-9 because the numbers feel like winning lottery numbers. *shrugs* (Y’all know I’m an honest guy!) After 3 or 4 months, I found a free meditation app for smartphones designed for people of color and indigenous peoples!

The Liberate Meditation app looks like this.

The app made meditating easier and more fulfilling because the mentors were cool beans and the topics were JUST what I needed as a person of color AND being #sickAF with these 3 incurable diseases. The guided meditations have a beginner like, quick version under 5min and a longer version for the experienced folks. I LOVE it. My first and favorite is the Hi Haters, I still love you. Six months with the app, I was adapting my meditation again after reading so many articles about “talking to ancestors” and “finding your peace”. I would face the East when I needed an extra boost of mental/spiritual energy.

An amazing search bar for specific “focuses/topics” and a plethora of mentors to choose from!

By the tenth month of meditation, and yoga, I could sit in my handicapped position and last longer than 5min. At SOME point between then and now, I stopped using the Liberate Meditation app so much. I was getting up early with my MS symptoms and meditating to start my day. Shhhhhhhiiiiiiid, I even drink LOOSE LEAF tea like I’m some kind of real deal, patient person. *beaming with pride* I can’t say it enough, I LOVE IT!

If you don’t have the energy, time, internet, whatever to read the link above, I get it. I read links, Pins, FB articles, checked out public library books, watched Youtube videos, everything and anything but still didn’t start meditating for years. None of it seemed real but DAWG…. It is.

The benefits of meditation to manage your symptoms is incredibly affordable. (Come on! You know dem prescriptions expensive even with that good insurance! *LOL*)

The benefits of meditation to manage your symptoms is crazy effective. (*straight face* You know doggone well prescriptions and pills gets stressful trying to remember. *LOL*)

The benefits of meditation to manage your symptoms is prevention and treatment. (*folds arms* You knooooooow you sick of dealing with stuff after it starts.)

Benefits I/Me/da lil handicapped homie has experienced:

Manage/Calm fears when new NEW symptoms start.

Manage/Calm anxiety about losing my entire independence and depending on others for food, shelter, medicines and love.

Promotes emotional health because I focus on Gratitude and just BREATHING.

Lengthens attention span evidenced by my going from 3min sessions to now, 10-20min sessions.

Strengthens ability to relax because I can meditate during T.V., outside, at a kid’s event, music jamming or alone.

Enhances ability to self-heal by focusing energies on specific ailments. BRO! I have meditated headaches away during drinking parties, meditated MS hugs away, meditated hiccups away, stayed calm during bad neurosis episodes in the feet. *makes muscle*

Prevents BUNCH of shitty symptoms by keeping me from being stressed/anxious/tripping.

Wife/Kids say I’m more patient after meditation.

Pretty sure that when I meditate AFTER yoga/workout, I’m less sore. FOR REAL Y’ALL!

As a matter of fact, there was a unique meditation experience that opened my eyes to the self-healing of the practice. I’m not even gonna try to warn you about laughing sooooo…

Around the 6th or 7th month, I was hooked on guided meditations that centered on speaking to ancestors and using the land’s energy. One day, I was trying it out myself and kept thoughts of my paternal grandmother in my mind. For awhile, I could feel the presence of her and another gentleman was with her. Nope, it was NOT my grandfather either. I felt like it was HER grandfather and it freaked me out. Neither spoke and I wasn’t even finna try anything myself so I sat, they watched and smiled. Since then, it hasn’t happened with seeing either of them again. I’ve tried several times and once felt close but nothing. What I have captured, almost on command, is the feeling of goodness, that shit will be cool beans, that there is more to life than the physical…

Now, I step my meditations up when I use blue sage (Its for healing.) or black sage (Its for sending energy/prayers/etc. to heavens.) because I feel I’m directing my energies. If I truly focus, rid myself of time settings and just focus on my breathings, healing, etc., I feel like I’m healing. In my mind, I picture the ailing body part as a broken piece of a house. The house represents my body and the piece is the injury/pain/etc. As I “fix” the broken piece of house, that corresponding body piece feels better. If it is my back, I’m fixing the fence or foundation or something. If it is my stomach, I’m fixing the pipes/plumbing or something. If it is my heart hurting from someone’s actions, I’m having a conversation with my heart, in my meditation. *waits for your jokes.*

For real folks, I’m waiting for your jokes and stuff. Gon spit some haterade my direction and roll your eyes. I have a brother that does crap like that all the time about using food as medicine, meditation, yoga, water. All of it is mumbo jumbo to him. I make no attempt to convince him either because the energy can be used elsewhere and I don’t fault him. I didn’t believe in the healing power of meditation, food, mantras, social media, anything before I began this journey to BE better, not get better.

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