The Madden 2020 SuckaFree Franchise Update: Season 2028, Week 15 submitted by Hawkeye (Dallas Cowboys owner)

The following is the Week 15 update written by Hawkeye of the SuckaFree Franchise (the guy who plays with the Dallas Cowboys). I do NOT influence his writing in ANY way. ANY user is welcome their own report/update to my email so I can copy/paste that mammajamma and keep it pushing. *strong emoji*

Hold Your Own

The playoff picture has started to shape and several users who were trending early in the season could find themselves flatline after week 17. The Raiders, Buccs, Jets & 49ers are on the outside looking in and all 4 teams desperately need to win out to get invited to the tournament. The goal is the same the journeys are different. The 49ers and Jets will finish their season vs 3 users. While the Raiders and Buccs will meet week 17 to decide their fates.

The Falcons, Eagles and most likely Titans will all have the wildcard weekend to do what they want as division champs. 

As for everyone else the Lions, Bills, Steelers & Rams all control their own destinies. The Steelers would be the other team in the AFC to have a bye during the wildcard. While the Rams, Bills and Lions prepare to host at least a home playoff game. Now all of this could definitely change come week 17 when the Rams go up to Toronto and the Lions travel to Tennessee. Stay tuned!!!!

For the last 2 playoff spots you have 2 crafty veterans who will showcase their skills on the road. The Cowboys and Browns most likely will be 5th seeds entering the playoffs. This is when you see cream rise to the top. The playoffs present a whole new set of rules. The momentum shifts at the blink of an eye. And a new crew of refs are lip happy with their whistles. For a few users its your first dance and the other users have yet to crack the W code for the playoffs. Now the ones who are battle tested and it doesn’t matter what seed they are or even if they have homefield throughout. We know to make sure the controllers are charged the internet is wired and the doors shut.

For any user that want smoke, that’s my 2 cents yall can keep the change.

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