5-star Review: I May Destroy You (HBO, 2020)

A rating, grade, all that stuff

This is a hard hitting series that dives into sexual consent during CURRENT times. It’s 4 30min episodes and each gets rougher and rawer with the scenes and situations. From date rape to drugs and back to online “hooking up” and condoms, the settings, actors and actions all matched perfectly. My wife and I were both deeply engaged and flat out emotional as we watched the entire thing in one sitting. Ordinarily, I struggle to complete ANY British themed shows because the accents can be so pronounced and strong. THIS series was interesting enough that I slid on English subtitles and kept watching. The main character, Arabella, is a WRITER with an intense lifestyle. She’s the writer version of Lil Wayne so y’all KNOW I was hooked immediately! 😉🤣🤣 Short, explicit and to the point, the series does a fantastic job presenting the horrors and abuses of dating in 2020.

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