SuckaFree Season 2028: The Playoffs and other basic shit

Maaaaaan, ain’t THIS bout some shit fellas! We are on the precipice of something GREAT again, the MUTHAFUGGIN PLAYOFFS of MADDEN 20 FOOTBALL ON PS4! It has been a pretty good season, user beefs were popping (Ant Joh vs. the world), young gunna’s kept winning (that damn Rocket dude) and most importantly, the cheese was low AF. Sure, a few user called out MuthaFugga King of the TN Titans buuuuuut… he only had 3 user games all freaking season. The guy kept his stats in line with league rules and the one glaring (WR avg. 36yd/rec) was mitigated by only 18 TDs, less than 60 catches and LESS than 2k total. *shrugs* There is always going to be SOME cheesy stats because it’s a video game but surely folks can see the effort NOT to overdo it.

There were very few surprises this year. Maaaaybe the Titans but as I said earlier, they only had 3 user games. The usual cast of bullies, threats and pretenders are prepared for the playoffs. Only ONE spot is open. Ant Joh’s Jets take on Bowman’s 49ers with a chance to meet the Dallas Cowboys on the line. It didn’t pop off tonight to set the playoff landscape because of timing but we’ll know for sure tomorrow. For now, let me analyze the teams because I have no promise of staying in the hunt (I am the Titans)…

The Seeds…


The AFC is sending the #1 Titans, #2 Bills, #3 Browns, #4 Jaguars, #5 Chargers and #6 Steelers.

The Titans are led by MuthaFugga Jones and made the playoffs based on a weak ass schedule with basic foundations. QB D. Francois from Florida A&M led the league with an amazing 47-1 TD/INT ratio, just over 4k yards and 83% completions. TN plays old skool smashmouth football and doesn’t use the young rookie to win games much. Instead, the Titans built their team based on strong line play and a suffocating defense.

The Bills are led by SuckaFree stalwart D. Turner, king of draft picks and player development. Turner’s ability to build through shrewd trades is legendary and the Bills went all-in for 2028 by signing veteran P. Mahomes to led over the “hump” vs. the stick skill bullies. The Bills are the strongest team in SuckaFree and a perennial threat. Led by beast running backs Pittman and Trucke, Buffalo allows it defense to feast while it’s offensive line fields 5 consecutive Pro bowlers.

The Cleveland Brown boast SuckaFree’s most fearful weapon, THE freaking Lamar Jackson (Oh HE of the the fabled 94 speed). Coach F. Saint uses Jackson and AFC ROY candidate M. Poe (elusive HB) to dominate the edges and dare users to “outstick” him for the victory. The method has resulted in multiple championships as he gets the fastest players and defeats others with simple stick skills. Cleveland’s defense is held together by HOF trio of M. Garret and CBs D. Ward and G. Williams.

The Steelers and M. Tomlin brought Pittsburgh back the playoffs. Behind the crafty veteran QB Marcus Mariotta, Tomlin has squeezed the most out of an older roster and rookie RB, D. Clinkscale. On defense, the Steelers have ridden a turnover causing season into INTs and victories.

The NFC is sending #1 Eagles, #2 Falcons, #3 Cowboys, #4 Lions, #5 Rams and #6 will be Bears, 49ers or Bucs.

Coach Rocket has the Eagles kicking ass and taking names. He finally lost a user game to division rival and fellow stick skiller, Hawkeye. The Eagles sport SuckaFree’s top offense and third ranked defense so the weakness is low AF. While his passing is efficient AF, his running game is something of YouTube videos. The Eagles have twin fast RBs in Sutherland and Finney. On defense, he selects DEs and LBs to do stick skill damage.

Coach Pickens with the Falcons is much like Rocket in terms of his chosen player to utilize but his passing game comes more direct and painful. Pickens goes to the air on the outside (S. Rossum) or TE (K. Sanchez) to keep users from loading up on his running attack (L. Larson). On defense, the safeties and MLB are lurking and shooting gaps to force his opponents into turnovers.

The Dallas Cowboys aren’t fooling anyone. Hawkeye hired a new coach after Jason Garrett’s retirement and the Bubba Wade’s abrupt suspension for slapping DA SHIT out of Redskins’ owner Daniel Synder over the team’s name. QB Nixon topped almost 5k but his inexperience led to a unusually high 23 INTs. Matt Breida hung around all season to gather almost 900 yards but the Cowboys WRs and TE of Stinson, Gallup and Bates are the vehicle to move the ball. Defensively, Dallas prides itself on forcing users to be one dimensional and heavy zone play led to another MLB blowing UP, C. Hamilton.

Coach Hudson, QB (L.Johnson) and the division’s leading rusher (Clinkscale) return Detroit to the playoffs for the 2nd consecutive season. For the first time in ages, Detroit has given the residents something to cheer for. Hudson incorporates a balanced attack as Johnson topped 4k yards and Clinkscale topped 1300. The defense is a “no name” unit who leans on diverse playmakers at each of the three levels.

The 2028 draft is approaching fast and this year’s crop is heavy with defensive playmakers and studs. For the first time in 3 years, the college ranks are sending multiple high level ZONE CBs and is remarkably short on offensive linemen. Coaches are breaking big bread hoping to maximize their picks.

Irwin Vick, Safety, Heisman winner

Vick is the son of former stand out, Michael Vick. His ability to read defenses, secure tackles and line everyone else led to his team reaching the Cotton Bowl vs. perennial contender Clemson. He led his conference in tackles, INTs and returned 5 defensive TOs for TDs. Vick’s greatest strength is his communication skills and leadership traits.

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